David H. Splane: The “Slave” Is Not 1900 Years Old (Matt. 24:45)

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  • ToesUp

    David Splane Video. Morning Worship

    David Splane attempts to explain why the "slave" is not 1900 years old.

    Warning...Video may cause drowsiness!

  • blondie

    Is this in the same line as the study articles in November? Slave did not come into being in 1919 but the WTS was dealt with by God in a new way, just my guess. Is the GB the FDS only now? Not any of the "anointed" jws on earth?


    They are watchtarded morons. If YOU had said the "Slave" was not 1900 years old before the GB, you would be an "apostate."


  • darkspilver
  • Lostandfound

    Is Mr David Exsplane entered in the Rio Olympics for boring and verbal inexactitude?

  • TheWonderofYou

    His first point was: They did not have the BASIS, the Scriptures in their own hand to read it for themselves and they could not read, because they were lilliterates, until 1000 the european kings could not read at all! Until 1500 nobody could read, neiter the world language in western hemisphere latin nor the world language in eastern hemisphere greek, they did not like to read or to learn reading those european tribes.

    Jesus proclaimed a gospel for all for illiterate and literate. The first christians didnt have their own bibles at home,because a bible was a treasure, they learn in the congregation of the talks of the bishops and diacenes, they listened to the gospel and became christians, they did not read it. Most were analphabets because not of the upper-class and nevertheless they were worthy to be in high rank positions in the church. I am not sure if peter e.g. could write complicated texts as fisherman or read at all.

    What a fortune that there were great teachers in the church that could read and great rabbis of the Jews that could read hebrew bible texts and preserved the treasure and took upon the responsibility ot leadership in the church and synagoges. Most were faitfhul and not seduced by the political power. Thanks those priests that read the bible in the monasteries and brought it to the people, and remembered the holy texts and explained it, jesus was loved

    Jehovahs witness played no role in the process of bringing the bible to the masses, that was done by catolics and protestants, and because the education for the people got better. JW did not exist in the 16th or 17th century! They very late jumped on the train and misused the bible as business scheme, where slaveworker produce bibles in the factory.

    So what right do JW have to benefit from "thanks catolic and protest available bibles for everyone" and blame the churches for not offering it earlier?

    JW are literal, understand the text, but produce stupid ideas. Reading the bible independenly is not everything , because you easily can produce misunderstanding, therefore watchtower prohibits reading the bible.

  • sparrowdown

    Nah, he doesn't look a day over 1500.

  • Sanchy

    Funny that he admits halfway through the video that Catholics and later the Protestants "took the commission to preach more seriously" by "taking Gospels into China and to the native Americans".

    I thought only JWs preached.

  • oppostate

    The video is gag worthy and very misguided. I could argue a few points of historical fact but then that would be an apostate correcting a GB member!

  • JW_Rogue

    I agree the slave is not 1900 years old. In fact it is just a parable, an illustration to personally apply to your life. Like the parable of the talents and the virgins, it was to show how Christ's followers were to await his coming presence.

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