How much longer until more people believe the earth is flat?

by Crazyguy2 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Crazyguy2

    How much longer until more people believe the earth is flat then there are JWs? With these YouTube channels using propaganda and the Bible I believe over a million people now believe the earth is flat. It maybe not much longer.

  • sir82

    Next niche group: JWs who believe the earth is flat....

  • WTWizard

    Neither is true--the flat earth is more blatantly wrong. It has been scientifically proven (by satellites) that the earth is a globe. However, believing that one must give up everything that makes one an individual so they can serve a god that wants us all enslaved and to take our planet for the reptilians in order to be happy is just as bad as believing the earth is shaped like a record album.

    But, at least you are not going to be destroyed if, after falling for that "the earth is flat" lie, you realize that weather satellites have proven that it is a globe and renounce your belief in the flat-earth lie. You can learn from that stupidity. With the jokehovian witless cancer, you are stuck there.

  • smiddy3

    Seriously there can`t be anybody who really truly believe the earth is flat like a coin can there ?

    When you look at the moon or any of the planets through a telescope it is obvious they are a sphere /globe.

    When the astronauts took photos of the earth from the moon it is obvious that the earth is a sphere/globe.

    And for those who still have there head up there arse it wasn`t just one moon landing there have been six over the years with a total of twelve humans who have walked on the moon .

    So I don`t believe anybody in there right mind still accept that the earth is flat .

  • JeffT

    If by "more" you mean more than half, you've got a ways to go. One million belivers is approximately 1/7500 of the human population.

    If by "more" you mean more than there were yesterday, well there's a sucker born every minute. It still won't add up to much.

  • waton

    Do you think like wt INC? namely: that if we have enough believers we can will a new World into existence?, by following the bible? because flat Earth beliefs will fall flat too, because the bible might be "Truth", but is not facts.

    flat earth is a fallback to the earth being the center of the universe idea, Everything revolves around us, our egos.

    It is a joke, a game to see how many you can fool. You want to increase that pool?

  • The 12 Apostates
    The 12 Apostates
    If the earth were flat then how could hills exist? Checkmate flat-earthers.
  • Vidiot

    Silly rabbit...

    ...the Earth has to be flat.

    If it were round, people would be falling off the underside!


  • Crazyguy2

    I realize that to think the earth is flat is just plain crazy but hey people are believing it to be true and those that put forth this idea used the Bible as a way to add credibility to the idea. I really do think in time 5 or more million people will believe the earth is flat. I’m thinking of starting the church of the flat earth for gods true believers. That way I can get rich too.

  • kevinbothma

    I found myself in a conversation with a young man who was being sucked into flat-earth thinking.

    As i spoke to him I thought about JWs. The whole flat earth thinking rests on the same foundation as JW religion.

    This is their compelling thing that catches vulnerable peopke:

    'You have all been lied to, we are the only ones that really know the truth'.

    Its all about creating distrust in everyone, EXCEPT THEM.

    Flat earth requires the most unimaginable conspiracy and cover up. Every international pilot, astronaut, or cosmologist, etc is in on the cover up.

    But isnt that what the WT espouses.

    Jehovah, tested all the religions and only one stood the test.

    I suppose Jehovah is having to revise the answers to His test because of all the new light.

    It would be funny if it wasnt so sad for all those who have been deceived.

    I found Jesus 34 years ago and He hates religion. He is a friend of sinners but resists the proud and self-righteous. He is looking for us to come into a real relationship with Him. Something the WT has tried to stop at all costs.

    When people were turning from following Jesus, He said to his disciples, "Will you also go away?". They replied, " Who will we go to?" You have the words of life.

    Yes, Jesus is the one we go to. He has the words of life. Not an organisation.


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