Are the GB Members Rich?

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  • sandy

    I remember hearing a long time ago that "apostates" were spreading lies that the Governing Body Members were all rich and had huge extravagant homes. Is there truth to theses stories? If so, is there evidence? I always thought the GB Members lived at Bethel.

    Curious George (Sandy)

  • freedom96

    My understanding is that they have pretty nice suites there at Bethel. If one was to purchase such a suite like that in the area, then it would be quite expensive. Their expenses would be taken care of living there, and any travel that they might do.

    But as far as being wealthy, I don't think so.

  • Simon

    define 'rich'

    If I never had to work, could travel the globe and had people fawning all over me wherever I went then I might think I was rich !

  • MegaDude

    I've heard through people that should know that the Gov Body cultivate friendships with rich JWs, and those rich JWs give them money. They ain't hurting financially by any means. Now, the poor sheeples they claim to lead is another matter.

  • Farkel

    They don't have to be rich. They live and travel like royalty and their every need and wish is dutifully taken care of. Why would they need any money, then?


  • blondie

    A rich man said that we only need so much money to meet the basics, after that the issue is power and the GB have more power or influence than anyone in the Borg.


  • crinklestein

    Farkel, I agree fully! They get free food, free lodging, free transportaion, free clothing, and I'm sure they dip into the collections to buy whatever they need. I'm sure they look at it as an expense account. EVerything is given to them for free so why would there be a need for money?

  • RandomTask

    Is the president "rich"? When you consider his salary relative to what others make then not really. Yet look at the power that the office holds. All fo your needs are taken care of. You get a private jet, a private helicopter. Your own security force, a huge house to live in right next to your huge office. etc...

  • garybuss

    They have the benefits of wealth while they are treated like royalty. That equals rich.

  • Francois

    In effect, richer than three feet up a bull's ass.


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