What a journey this has been?

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  • Francois

    And to think that all we had to do to avoid all this was to use our native good sense. It only stands to reason that if God is "no respecter of persons," that he would also not be a respecter of any "group of persons." That means that there has never been a "chosen people" for whom truth was vouchsafe and at the same time withheld from all other children of God. And that would include the Jews, too. Of course THEY claimed to be the chosen people, but THEY wrote the book that made the claim after all. How convenient!!

    If we would just apply a modicum of commonsense to these issues, we would not be in such a state of confusion all the time and would have so much less to UN-learn. But nooooooo. We have to follow every Pied Piper that comes along. Tell me. Do you know what happened to the children of Hamblen who followed the piper? Makes for good and instructive reading.


  • Shutterbug

    Welcome to the best web site ever. We don't always agree, which is great because we are exposed to other ideas and opinions and we have the freedom to disagree. Our thoughts and speech is not being controlled by some control freaks in New York. Simon has some common sense rules but they are not really a burden. So enjoy !!! Bug

  • 95stormfront

    A decade and a half......

    I often marvel at how much time people spend in the borg before coming to the conclusion that they've sometimes spent a lifetime working for free for nothing more than a behemoth publishing company.

    Welcome...there is life outside of the borg

  • amen

    Again thanks to all,

    There is one thing I would like to say is, that once a person has completely trust in an organization it is hard to make them think otherwise. When I started to share some of my believes with one of my friends who are a JW but we were long times friends before we became witnesses I was expecting a friend above all a guy that would have an ear of what I have to say but instead they feared me. For example, my friend and his wife who are a JW were invited to a party at a worldly friend. So every one was worldly except for the 3 of us and one friend that used to study and became an unbaptised publisher but never got baptised. So I decided to see my friend and his wife first an later together we could go to the party together since we were all invited.

    When I stepped in I knew right away their attitude have changed toward me it was cold they forced themself to act as normal as possible but they could not hide it from me, then the question came am I going to stay at his place for the night after the party or at my other friend I knew right away they did not want me to stay so after the party was over I went to my other friend's house and he told me did you realise that every room you been too that my friend and his wife swicthed to another location. I don't have to tell you how hurt I was even him could see that.

    The thing is that's the guy that can tell you openly he does not agree that the governing body is lead by the Holy Spirit, and at the time he told me this I even think he was blaspeming although never told him.

    One of this day I will write my story and I'm telling you I having stabbed many times. Lucky for me I have never put my trust completely to the organization. I saw misused of biblical text at circuit overseer meeting that blew me away and I knew then they are dangerous and controlling people's mind. Those are a serie of event that would lead me to verify their saying more closely.


  • Loris

    Welcome Amen! My, My the newbie traffic is getting heavy. Ain't it GREAT!!!!!

    I left 6 months ago after 37 years. It is indeed good to be free.


  • TemeculaMole

    The internet is a powerful tool. I imagine that the GB see's the actviities that go on here and know that the word is spreading about the lies, scandals and general BS spewed by them.

    At the latest CO visit the CO brought up twice how the society has made mistakes and we need to look past that. I thought this was a strange comment. The way he spoke made me feel like the GB told the CO's to go out and calm the storm, dont let them look behind the curtain and see that the great Wizard of Oz is a hoax.

    Geez, I wish I could get out....but to much family in the borg

  • basics-for-me

    "I am sad and happy and have no fears for the future"

    That sounds refreshing. I hope to hear more from you and your special journey.

    Best wishes,


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