How to Argue for Creationism

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  • cofty

    All creationist arguments follow an identical pattern.

    First a quick way to remember the format - 'complexity, complexity, complexity; therefore god'.

    Now a more detailed guide to formulating an argument.

    1. Identify some complex feature of the natural world. A quick Google search or nature documentary will quickly provide inspiration. Creationist websites have hundreds of them you can copy-paste without attribution.
    2. Do no research at all on what is currently known about the evolutionary history of this feature. Ignore any possible fossil evidence, comparative anatomy or phylogenetic studies that shed light on the subject.
    3. Declare that this feature could not possibly arise by naturalistic means.
    4. Make reference to 'blind chance' and compare this to some human artifact - a watch, 747 aeroplane, house, computer - almost anything will do.
    5. Boldly assert that evolution has no answer to this challenge.
    6. Try to throw in the name of some PhD with a Doctorate in history or philosophy who agrees with you.
    7. Conflate evolution with atheism ignoring the fact that most intelligent christians accept the fact of evolution and many atheists know absolutely nothing about it.
    8. Finish with some ad hominem comments that call into question the motives/morality of 'evolutionists'.
    9. Completely ignore all factual answers that are posted in response to your argument.

    You're welcome.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself
    Perhaps we could just respond to the usual creationist nonsense with a list of numbers representing which mistakes they are making at that particular time. It shouldn't require a long list of options because most creationists do not bring any originality to the table.
  • Finkelstein

    Well put together Cofty and spot on.

    Creationists try to invoke evil, confusion and ignorance when the topic of evolution is discussed, like the original idea with all its engaging physical evidence was spawn from Satan himself.

    Creationist have only the backing of simple human hearsay to support their position, evolutionists have a lot more.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    There really is no need to argue anything in defense of "Creationism"

    As in Mathematics, where certain relationships and identities are "obvious," so is Creation to those who comprehend.

    Is there any need to convince non-believers that they are "wrong" or "goofy" for believing as they do?

    Not at all. Truth marches on. It just hasn't reached us yet in its fullness.

    But, it is on its way...

    (Some will be disappointed.)

  • cofty

    What a strange old sailor you are.

  • Finkelstein

    (Some will be disappointed.)

    Isn't that right Old Navy ?

    Yes creationists who thought they had redemption from their sins and that they were going to live into eternity in heaven or here on earth.

    Ancient mythology is born out of human ignorance of the world in which we live, a indefensible fact.

    Evolution is born out modern knowledge of the world in which we live , another indefensible fact.

  • scratchme1010
    As in Mathematics, where certain relationships and identities are "obvious," so is Creation to those who comprehend.

    Old Navy, I think that the following applies to your statement: 2, 4 (the "artifact" being math in your case), 8 (by implying that we are "wrong" or "goofy") and 10.

    cofty, I'd add a 10:

    10. making some kind of remark about something that will be happening "soon" where non-believers will be _______ (destroyed, proven wrong, disappointed, humiliated, gone to hell, whatever other nonsense), and they will be vindicated and rewarded for being right all along.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    How many people today believe that we humans descended from monkeys??Evolution does not teach that humans descended from monkeys, it states that both have a common ancestor. I remember using that argument as a JW, "If humans descended from monkeys, why are there still monkeys" and I would then walk away on cloud nine, we(JW's) are so knowledgeable. LOL

  • venus

    I have a simple view. I look at myself and come to a conclusion.

    My mother’s soul started building of my body which was later taken into completion by my soul. This has been going on eternally. Among souls, one is Supreme Soul, God, whose only role is to “renew” the provisions for life’s enjoyment whenever humans deplete/destroy them. (Mathew 19:28)

  • atomant

    l wonder if psychologists have performed a test between believers in evolution and believers in a creator . regarding an individuals sanity. l feel certain the results would be alarming.

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