What if Fred Franz had never existed?

by Magnum 40 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Faded

    I think Rutherford is the one this question should be about. If he had never existed, the org would be either defunct or nothing even close to what we have today.

    There are other religious groups that are based on Russell' teachings & they're minor with very few followers or impact on the world today. Yes, he was wacky & had wild theories and predictions. And he published them & had a following. But it was Rutherford who came in (well forced his way in) and went full steam ahead in developing a religous publishing company selling dreams. He started the organization on the trajectory it's still on. And he personally identified and developed the talents of Knorr & Franz to keep the organization running for almost 100 years. He's the real head of the snake in my opinion.

    If Franz wasn't around, Rutherford would have found someone else to provide content for his products to get people to buy into the fantasies he was selling.

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