sharring my secrets

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  • kls

    You all are so special, i just finished reading the thread i posted the other day and again you all made me cry(probably girl thing) not in a bad way but in a happy way,sometimes i think i found you guys just in time.So because of your caring i would like to share my life story,no i won,t drag it on.I was raised in a home with two sisters and a brother,i was the youngest ,i am three years younger then one sister ,ten years between my other sister and twelve years younger then my brother.Father was a beater,belts,boards but his favorite was his fists,i went to school with plenty of black eyes and lying were they came from.My older sister and brother were married and out of the house and very seldom visited.As kids my brother and sister were beat also so there was alot of tenson when they did visit.So with my one sister and me we take the beatings for them and hide in our rooms hoping we didn,t do any thing to irritate our parents.My mother , i swear she would blow things out of perportion just to see us get beat , i think because she was beat so offen by my dad , i would hear them in my room at night or in the day , the shit would start to fly and we just parents were both drinkers but usually it was moderate until i was about ten years old and my sister was twelve, the drinking became out of control especially for my mom,fights got more intense till it was like living in a war zone.It got to the point that my mother never left her bedroom and was drunk twentyfour hrs. a day, not even coming out to eat.My dad ,sister and me would do the shopping and cleaning and cooking.Life was ,well for my sister and me was becoming normal .Then one day coming home from school ,i see the police, my older sister and brother are there..odd, they are all crying and inform me dad killed himself and they just took his body. Well , we have funeral moms drunk at , and all of a sudden everyone is gone to their own lives while my sister and me are stealing food to live. This went on for about six months,no mother never came out of her room and was now having her booze delivered to the house(but not food) any way we went from living at my brothers house then my older sisters house were as she made herself our legal guardian witch ment she was intitled to our social security checks and she could now support her drunk husband and two kids and have live in babysitters.Well it,s draggin on so long that i will continue this later but this is the first installment stay tuned.

  • PopeOfEruke

    Hi kls

    thats a sad story....

    Were your parents JW's??


  • Buster

    Man that sounds like a rough ride!

    Looking forward to the rest, thanks for shaing.

  • teenyuck

    kls....I am so sorry for your pain.

    Tell us the rest when you can. This board is a wonderful place to let go.


  • LyinEyes

    ((((((((((((((((((((( kls))))))))))))))))))))))

    My heart goes out to you, my family life was crap for many years, ended in divorce when I was dating my husband, then my mom committed suicide. I am glad I was getting married and didnt have to run away, or live on the streets. I never had to go hungry and to me that is the saddest thing to hear ,,,,I am hoping your story will have a better ending than the start,,,but I know the pain never goes away. But I feel for you and you have my friendship and I send you hugs , hugs and more hugs.

  • berylblue

    Oh, there are no words to express my sorrow for what you had to endure.

    Write if you'd like.

  • Blueblades

    I'm sorry,so sorry,I do feel your pain, please continue to express yourself .There are many on this forum who have shared each others pain and a measure of comfort from it.


  • dottie


    I now how hard it must have been for you to share your story and you are very brave for doing so. I am very proud of you for sharing with us your past life...I know how hard it is to divulge such personal thought and moments.

    many hugs from me to you...


  • Aztec

    Oh wow! Honey, I promise, yet again, I will never bitch about my childhood! I had a physically and emotionally abusive father too so I can, in a small way, understand some of your pain. What you went through was awful and so unfair! You are such a sweet and special person! If sharing makes you feel better than please continue..Much love to you!!! ~Aztec

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    It's so sad to read such stories as it brings back negative memories. I hope you felt much better releasing some of your pent up emotions. People who never went through such experiences can't even begin to imagine what you have gone through. Yes, life can be a bitch. I'm happy that you can share your thoughts and feelings freely with us. The best.

    Guest 77

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