Swaggart Can of Worms Re Opened

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  • SolidSender
    “To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some”. 1 Cor 9.22

    "Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still with him on the way, or he may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison. Matt 5.25

    Two questions:
    1) Would anybody care to explain the meaning of these scriptures?

    2) If Paul was willing to be all things to all men in order that they may be SAVED why wasn’t the GB then willing to be all things to the rank & file JW in regard to the Swaggart friend of court matter? In plain english: regardless of the arguments as to to whether or not the GB’s actions were sound legally - in choosing to go ahead with their friend of court strategy in the Swaggart case the GB would have known full well that the consequences of pursuing that strategy, if disclosed, would be the stumbling of many brothers and sisters ( due to rank & file JW naturally PERCEIVING that the GB was getting into bed with the Swaggart - BabylontheGreat crowd ). Despite knowing that many brothers and sisters were going to be stumbled when they found out about this the GB still proceeded with their involvement in the case – prove to me that that isn’t first degree bloodguilt?-SolidSender

  • spectromize

    It kind of reminds me of the famous statement from the president of the United States.

    "I want you to listen to me and listen to me well I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Swaggart, oops I mean Miss Lewensky!

    No matter how many try to defend the society's action in this case, they committed spiritual adultery.

  • waiting

    Can of worms, indeed.

    The actually Friend of Court Brief can be viewed at either Watchtower Observer or Jesus Witnesses. Research on the Watchtower site has an excellent review of Jimmy and the Society.

    Before red flags are raised - The WTBTS did nothing illegal. Using their lawyers, they did what any company would do to save thousands of dollars.

    The question of morals and ethics, particularily since the WTBTS is supposed to be a religion before a corporation, is fraught with ambiguity.

    Another scripture that comes to mind is the one where Paul said that eating any meat from the market is legal and ethical - but to pay attention to those around us. If we stumble them, then it would be wise to refrain, even though it would be legal. 1 Cor:10:23-33.

    We have had that scripture drilled into us - particularily in conscience matters - drinking, dress, music, dancing, jobs, what restaurants we go to, the list is endless. We would never want to stumble our brother.

    I guess the WTBTS doesn't consider the rank and file as their brothers - perhaps "indigent ministers" (as they quoted in their Friend Brief) is how they really view us. This quote can be found in the footnote of the brief - they are quoting someone else to defend not paying sales tax. They didn't bother to explain to the court that we are really their brothers. They let the court keep the viewpoint that we are just "indigent ministers."

    Has anyone read "Animal Farm?" Remember the famous quote by the two animals (paraphrased):
    "I thought we were all equals." Pigs: "We are. It's just that some of us are more equal than others." Guess the WTBTS wasn't real concerned about stumbling brothers. But perhaps they were - what we got published to us in the Kingdom Ministry did not speak about Jimmy Swaggart Ministries - only about a simplified donation system.

    A copy of that KM can be found in the writings of Randy Watters - not sure right now which book. There is a good book of his which just gives photocopies, well over a hundred, of the basis for our teachings - and the whole quotes from where the WTBTS gets their quotes. (Some don't match in a Big Way.) Fascinating book. R. Watters is founder of Freeminds on the web.


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  • RedhorseWoman

    The points expressed here were my points exactly in the previous thread.

    Friend emphasized the fact that the WTBTS did nothing illegal and that they made a sound business decision, which is indisputable.

    I highly doubt that stumbling any of the brothers has EVER mattered to the WTBTS. How many have stumbled due to all of the flip-flops of doctrine over the years? I'm sure the number is not small.

    I also doubt that the WTBTS cares a whit about any of the "sheep" it purports to shepherd. Once they get the fleece, the sheep can fall off a cliff for all they care. As long as there are untapped areas to obtain new sheep, the spiritual deaths of former flock members do not matter.

    Bloodguilty? Only if their prophecies turn out to be true and all of these lapsed members are actually condemned to death at Armageddon. Implied bloodguilt, surely, since these lost sheep, by and large, do feel that they are now condemned to death....at least for some amount of time.

    At the very least, they are guilty of mental torture of their members due to the trememdous amount of neuroses they engender during their incarceration within the walls of the Watchtower.

  • Pathofthorns

    I've been thinking about this recently since the Society has allowed us to accept all minor blood components.

    When the donation arrangement was brought in due to the Jimmy Swaggart case, the letter regarding the new arrangement was read on a Sunday meeting followed by several demonstrations at meetings and assemblies.

    The importance of the new understanding regarding blood (particularly us being able to accept hemoglobin) cannot be understated. Yet, this has only recieved mention in a QFR article. Most Witnesses continue to be ignorant of the whole blood fraction issue, and will refuse components simply because they are derived from human blood.

    Why the Society will not inform Witnesses of what they can conscientiously accept in this area really bothers me. Contrasting the attention they gave to the donation change with this change which involves lives reveals what is really important to them I guess.


  • badboy



    This is news to me.

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