Under WT rules, can JW women file for a divorce? Or can only men file?

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  • Hadriel
    Extreme physical abuse.

    This one always gets me. So if he slaps you sorry you have to go back until he gets really pissed and stabs you with a steak knife.

    Honestly I don't even care if one of the two are lying if you get to this place better to be safe than sorry.

    The organization here is determining how serious the abuse is and whether it will escalate etc.

    Talk about seriously dangerous and overstepping.

    P.S. watch my mom get her teeth knocked out so yeah I'm against this policy SMH.

  • Finkelstein

    the Bible stipulates that the departing one “remain unmarried or else make up again.” (1 Corinthians 7:11) Such a Christian is not free to pursue a third party with a view to remarriage.

    That's the official stance but people somehow get around it one way or another.

    It all depends on the elders in question and the person wishing to remarry.

    I know my sister had this problem for a long time after she divorced her EX.

  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo
    She pressured her husband to file for divorce not because he was male but because he was an unbeliever. If he filed, the congregation could assume he (the evil, Satan-controlled worldling) committed adultery and she would be free to marry Psychobrother.
  • Wild_Thing

    My mother had to meet with the elders when she decided to divorce her second JW husband about 5 years ago. She gave grounds of physical, mental, and spiritual abuse and she *says* that they gave her the okay to file. But she is a woman and a nobody, like all females in the org, and it's not like they could threaten her with losing a position of importance, and I don't think she would have let them pressure her to stay like they did in her first marriage.

    I was already long gone from the JW club when this happened with the second hubs, so I just have to take her word on how "reasonable" she claims they were. Often times she stretches the truth (haha ...truth) to try to convince me how much the JWs have come around on issues and "changed".

    With her first husband (my father and an elder), it was a different story. She had to wait 30 years until all her kids and herself were completely traumatized and screwed up before she was forced to finally escape his abuse by terrible circumstances and things getting so horrible, we couldn't hide it anymore from the congregation ... or even the evening news. The elders knew about *some* of what he was doing to us for years ... they just kept commending my mom for being such a good spiritual example and not bringing reproach on Jehovah's name by outing him.

    The whole goddamn story is a Lifetime mini-series if you want to know the truth. I still get upset when I attempt to talk about it.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Wild_thing that was the old understanding, take a beat down and hope you outlive the abuser. Then in the 90's new light and it was ok for the listed reasons repeated in the Love book. Love? lol.
  • Wild_Thing
    Yep! Makes sense! We escaped from him in the 90s.
  • Diogenesister
    To answer the OPs question a JW women may file for divorce, under certain conditions, and has exactly the same rights to do so as a JW man.
  • nevaagain

    Actually it is not that hard, first of all both women and men have the same rights. But of course I am not saying that an elder can not abuse his power and give himself more rights. It is not like, the women have less rights as to filing for divorce.

    With that said, both sexes can file for a divorce at any time. The only difference is, are they both allowed to remarry "in the truth"? There is this so called "scriptural" divorce. If one party commits adultery then both are allowed to remarry "in the truth".

    Even if you one does not have "scriptural" divorce, he can still remarry someone (in the truth or not) you just have to face the repercussions.

    I know a pioneer sister who is still unmarried in her late thirties. She met a brother who is not free to remarry in the truth. So whats the loophole here? They will both get married with the consequences of getting disfellowshipped for awhile, until they can get reinstated.

  • joe134cd
    She can only file for a divorce if there is adultery by the other mate. If she is been mistreated / physically assaulted / or spiritually neglected she can separate from her spouse but not legally divorce.
  • joe134cd
    Women not been allowed to file for divorce on the grounds of adultry is just totally nonsense.

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