The Society cares more about Mark Sanderson's stick of Judah than the elephant in the room

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    He talks about the two and ten tribe Kingdoms of Israel, the stick of Joseph and stick of Judah, and likens it to the anointed and great crowd.

    What a bunch of craziness!

    This is the kind of crap spiritual food the drones get.

    It may sound like crazy crap, but maybe WT had to pay several million $$ to outside consultants in order to get this nulite about that OT stick situation. Perhaps that's why the corporation finances are getting drained and they're forced to cut bethelites, special pioneers, and construction projects. I'm not saying they are paying money for outsourced spiritual food, but who can prove that they aren't?

    Perhaps with this new understanding of this stick of Joseph and that stick of Judah, the sheeple will appreciatively and happifyingly dig deeply into their pockets to pay for these troothz. And now that they've finally got a solution to this stick riddle, the GB can turn their attention to protecting children.

  • Vidiot
    All hoping aginst hope that they're right, and that Jah's gonna bail 'em out any minute now, because prophecy.
  • prologos

    can a link be put up for this, or a transcript? does the stick have 12 segments like bamboo (to bamboozle us) or is it doubled over on one end like in double-talk.

    The experience with wt bible interpretations, secondary fulfillments is, that Jehovah (if any) is avoiding them like the pest, deliberately ignoring their attempts to be validated through successful predictions.

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