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  • Brainfloss

    For years much of my family has shunned me and my brother who left the craziness behind long ago. Thirty or more years in fact for him and officially more than 15 for me although I was never a shunner.

    But I have noticed that the hover like vultures waiting to contact us for information when we or others they deem not worthy of their association become ill or die. I haven’t heard from them at all in two possibly three years, now my shunned brother has become ill and they have got wind of it somehow. My phone is full of texts and voicemails looking for information on the matter ha! VULTURES I say. Shun me? Little do they know I have been shunning them for years. Tonight I told them exactly that. They say we love you guys. I told them they don’t act like it and that if they would like to make contact a more appropriate time would be after we pass this current trial. NO MORE INFORMATION to make you feel better after years of shunning. Love us? Then act like it or stay forever away.


  • Diogenesister

    So sorry about your brother,Brainfloss. I do hope he is able to make a recovery. It must be hella painful to watch the one blood family member you have fall seriously ill. So sorry :(( They deserved the talking to you gave them. I hope it made them think.

  • tiki

    Sorry you have to deal with this situation...but I think your reaction is quite appropriate. Best to you!

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