Elder Confesses 50% is Rubbish

by Anna Marina 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Hi Vidiot - yes they are just messing with semantics constantly. So that speach just becomes a babble of nonsense.

    At one point when I took on the 5 elders, the Chairman of the "judicial" which I did not attend, literally babbled nonsense for about a minute. He was incapable of stringing two words together and it sounded like "wu uh b wh d bu whu." He went on like that cause i said something like, "so if Jesus stuck to the words of the prophet Daniel (like me), would you say he was apostate?"

    His response was, "wu uh b wh d bu whu uu eeh eh bu wuh." (etc) Until eventually he said, "well no that'd be silly."

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