Who pays for bethelites Healthcare is it Obama care

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  • poopie

    What happens when bethelite gets sick

  • sparky1

    Unless you are high up and indispensable, my experience is that you will get kicked to the curb. When I was there in the 70's, dental care was excellent but the medical care was atrocious. When I spoke to Dr. Roylance about my digestive issues (I had been vacillating between diarrhea, constipation and throwing up) he told me point blank: 'If you don't like the food here at Bethel, you can leave at any time.' It turns out later, (20 years of suffering later) that I have severe gluten intolerance. There was no love or concern shown for the average Bethelite in those days and my suspicion is that things haven't changed much. But that was just my experience..................maybe others have been treated more humanely.

  • greenhornet

    They do have a simple clinic with a MD and nurse. But anything major they are sent home.

  • dubstepped

    Since they're poor you and I pay for them through taxes or increased rates, I do believe. That's assuming everyone, including volunteers, must have insurance or pay the penalty.

  • sir82

    The WTS is self-insured. They pay no insurance premiums to anyone, all medical expenses are 100% out of WT's pocket.

    Which is why, as noted above, if you are too sick, they kick you out.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    sir82 is correct. It depends on your seniority, position at Bethel, and all the other usual factors. If you're a grunt, they don't give a fuck about your health. I was there for 2 years and change. I had one dental cleaning and never had an eye exam there. So even routine stuff gets neglected.

  • dubstepped

    Ah, so once they get kicked out we all pay for them then?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    There is a cemetery plot on Staten Island... where the ashes can be buried after the bodies are burned to heat the GB's bathwater.

  • betterdaze

    There is a Watchtower-owned private home in Putnam County, NY inhabited by a licensed chiropractor and his wife.

    Their relative, most likely a daughter, is a lawyer for … Watchtower Patterson. So either Watchtower bought the house for it’s private chiropractor, or a lowlife woman who protects child abusers. Either way, neither of these upstanding Witnesses were told “wait on Jehovah” in the career department. Which makes me question if these off-site professionals are even Witnesses to begin with.

    I’d be really pissed if these were my neighbors. A doctor and a lawyer living property tax free while the townsfolk pay a premium to make up the shortfall.

    (If the rank-and-file ever knew how many “Bethelite” professionals live off site in Watchtower-owned freestanding homes, they’d lose their minds.)

    Sorry to go off topic. I also noticed a “therapy pool” on the Warwick blueprints. Just like the fake “baptism pool” in Brooklyn that never saw a drop of water.

    This is most likely an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) sham to grab federal government grant money.

  • Listener

    In the second part of the annual meeting 2016 they say that there are 9 doctors servicing the US Bethel. These Doctors are given the same as all other Bethelites. They look after 4,500 Bethelites, both full time and temps. They also interview them in the video.

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