JW Broadcasting is the likely end of the road for JWs

by oldskool 25 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • redpilltwice

    Interesting observations oldskool, I agree.

    Once I told my non-jw mother I was out (she visited just a few meetings out of interest for her son's new religion), she immediately confessed to me she always felt we as adults were treated like children. Be obedient...otherwise the devil will get you!

    She was so right and I feel so stupid. Everytime I'm confronted with that cringing holier-than-thou Caleb & Sophia crap or the GB members desperately trying to sell their bulls&%t as refined gold on JWbroadcast, I can't believe the rank and file jw's buy it as spiritual food at the proper time.

    Although it's clear the heydays of jw are over, it always takes courage and critical thinking in order to see and accept TTATT... many will never leave because of family ties and/or cognitive dissonance.

  • joe134cd

    I went to a church service the other night, and i think Wt could certainly learn a few things from them. Before I left the JWs I used to do the count for meeting attendance. Basically 2/3 in attendance were 40 years old and over and 1/3 were under 40.

    The church I attended, everybody brings a plate and after the service they all eat together. I felt this allowed the member to socialize and had group cohesion. The members were having a good time in a wholesome environment. I made the comment to my GF of why the JWs couldn't do the same thing. They have youth programs. I also done a head count by age and found 45% been in the 18-30 year age group. Like steve2 said I wonder what the Org would look like now if Wt had listened to those suggestions back in the 70s about caring for its youth. I think Wt is coming to realize the one size fits all policy (that policy been their own) hasn't worked.

  • Listener

    Trying to indoctrinate kids using made up characters will provide an easy disconnect for kids as they grow older. They will outgrow the cartoons and will see them more as fairytale.

    Anthony Morris the III made a great joke in his last video about one child thought he was Sophia's and Caleb's grandfather. I also remember when the org. mocked parents for pretending that Santa was real.

  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW. I totally agree these broadcast will do them in for good. I am sure that it has killed their recruiting. I watched the first 8 up until the ARC a

  • sparky1

    "I also remember when the org. mocked parents for pretending that Santa was real." - Listener

    Yes......but now we can mock the org. for pretending that Anthony Morris III is 'real'!

  • rebelfighter

    That just got cut off.

    After Jackson testified and lied I have not been able to watch anymore broadcast. How do you know when any of them are being truthful or lying?

    Caleb and Sofia those cartoons are abusive. One of the first ones I ever watched was a year ago February about staying awake and paying attention during meetings. These are kids, I would have totally lost it had I been in a KH when that was aired. My son had Epstein Barre virus when he was a child you could be in the middle of a sentence he would fall asleep. This went on for 1 year. Then the ice cream money. Sophia is going to tell my grandkids about your little panda paradise well my grandkids will be telling Sophia about false prophets and pedophiles. How about Sophia and Caleb learning about the bad guys how realistic was that stupid cartoon -- they showed the bad guy as a monster when bad guys are that normal guy sitting right next to you. Good job WT. Let's get real WT try teaching your kids real world things, stop sheltering them, let them live in the real world, interact with the real world so when they become adults they know what the world is all about. Let them participate in after school programs find talents that they will excel at and may be interested in. Let them have friends we worldly people are not so bad.

    The more of these videos that can be leaked to the media especially to reporters who are interested in human rights issues the better chances we have of exposure.

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