Can i get Watchtower library 1999 for research anywhere

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  • AlanF

    Email me, VM44:


  • ISP

    Hey Joules, check your message box!


  • sf

    A tip for exhaustive research:

    Utilize those search engines out there. Not just this forums. Yahoo/ google and a few other select engines will take you much further on this journey. Be prepared, it's massive. There is much to sift and sort through. A considerable amount must be further examined offline as well.

    When a name, place, case, article, etc. is publically posted re: the WTBTS/ jehovah's Witnesses, my reflex is to enter it into an engine, asap! It's become my passion. Research and covert investigation are what I've learned how to do, with the help of these engines. Your journey will never end if you keep those engines in 'working order', at all times. Just like the engine in your car.

    Happy trails!!


  • thetruthaboutjws

    the name is a newbi i am lv4fers son i have been reading the form for quite awhile i do an artical about proving jws wrong on different subjects i have the 95 version and it is not working on my computer if please e-mail me instructions on where to get it thank you

  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    I'm glad that so many gave already plenty of informations

    covering the question.

    skally: thanks for the link. As I had some 'spare time'

    I did a search on some of the links provided by the Google’ search

    engine, and among other links I did find these:

    Tucson Pima Public Library /Children's... to the great teacher [sound recording] / Watchtower Bible and ... Dobson ; illustrated
    by Carolyn Ewing 1999 242.62 G538i ... C) by Tucson-Pima Public Library, Tucson,. c238.11+d3543d+1995+espanol/-5,-1,,E/browse - 14k - Cached - Similar pages

    (open the link and serch for “My book of Bible Stories” and you will get,862,872

    which once opened will give you:


    My book of Bible stories [sound recording]


    New York : Watch Tower Bible : Tract Society of Pennsylvania, c1981.


    CALL #


    Main child tlkngbk 1st FL

    220.9505 B471m 1981 Cassette


    Woods child's talking book

    220.9505 B471m 1981 Cassette

    DUE 03-21-03

    Other title

    Bible . English. New World. 1981.

    Bible stories .


    4 cassettes : 1 7/8 ips.


    116 different Bible stories from the Old Testament and the New Testament for children.


    Spine title: Bible stories.


    Bible stories , English.

    Talking books for children.

    Other author

    Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.

    And links to other Libraries :

    Periodical Subscriptions at the Rochester Public Library... WEEKLY ED.: CURRENT 12 MONTHS; WATCHTOWER MAGAZINE: CURRENT ... WILDERNESS: 1986 TO 1990;
    WILSON LIBRARY BULLETIN: 1963 TO APRIL 1993; WINDOWS: MARCH 1999 TO DATE; ... library/homepage/subs.html - 43k - Cached - Similar pages

    University of Leicester, University Library - Information Sources ... ... Newsletter Durham, NC: American Theological Library Association, 1953 ... ANC 1987- ICC
    1989-1991,1999- LBC 1987 ... Brooklyn, NY: Watchtower Bible & Tract Society, 1946 ... - 101k - Cached - Similar pages

    ... Watchtower. is available in Oral Roberts University Library Holdings. Water and
    Environment International is available from 09/01/1999 to 12/15/2001 in ... - 56k - Cached - Similar pages

    If, for ex. you follow the above hyperlink you get all this:


    Go to ‘ access by title’ letter W and you’ll find:

    2*****Watchtower. is available in Oral Roberts University Library Holdings.


    In conclusion , many Library Library, have bound volumes of « The Watchtower »,

    « Awake ! » and other WTBS Inc. publications, plus other….controversial books about the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Thanks for the’ll never know what it might give …as surprise.

    I do agree with you when it comes to do a 'research' ...the deeper

    and more complete as possible!

    Thanks again,

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    see i'm a computer dummy, but if someone wants to show me were i can find the wt cd's or even better the 1920's-50's wt that i can down load. i would love it . i want to order all the wt cd's i see on freeminds, and the golden age cd , but what's the point. in spending 3-$ 500 jw's can't last 10 minutes with me . as it is. now it takes me months to find a new treasure. most of the time by accident. by the way i send another jw running today after a few questions about the u.n. it lasted 3 minutes. then she wanted to talk from 100 feet away . i said come back and we will talk. but i got 2 wt's i don't have so maybe i'll read them . and join blondie in the wt study next week...john

  • bk62

    "Extreme Newby here...."

    Please tell me - what's the harm in providing this (or other librarys) to newbys? I'm trying to gather as much information as humanly possible in order to be able to convince my wife of the lies / deceit handed down by the GB and WT Association. It seems to me that "more is better". Am I missing out on something (an earlier post said it only took common sense to know why you guys don't want to share this information with just anybody). I promise I'm not trying to be critical - I only want to understand! I just stumbled on to this forum today, after receiving The free Minds Journal.

    (Btw I put my name on the list to receive the latest and greatest Watchtower CD - direct from New York!) :) I'm not sure what time-span it covers, but it will definitely be some interesting reading!


  • ballistic


    It's illegal to share copyrighted software, it's as simple as that. I'm going to put it on KaZaa for you, I'll let you know.

  • bk62
    It's illegal to share copyrighted software, it's as simple as that. I'm going to put it on KaZaa for you, I'll let you know.

    Now that I can understand - for some reason I wasn't thinking of this as copyrighted software - guess I was wrong!!

  • betweenworlds

    In case you don't get my email Jourles I'm very interested :) Thanks

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