It’s Your Last Meal...What Would It Be??

by minimus 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    I had flatbread with fig and goat cheese

  • smiddy3

    A slice of tasty cheese and vegemite sandwich with slices of tomato`s on it and a good dose of pepper on the tomato`s.

    Either toasted bread or not.

  • Biahi

    Roast turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Don’t forget cranberry sauce and green bean casserole.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Greek salad for starters sounds great!

    For my mains I guess I'd have something to stay with the Greek theme, so I'd have Beef Stifado with vegetables mixed in. It's a Greek stew, to go with the Greek salad.

    Image result for stifado beef stew

    And I'd have a few glasses of a nice, full-bodied red.

  • LV101

    Appetizers: Salsa/fresh tortilla chips, guacamole/chips - bag of flamin' hot CHEETOS to snack on and fresh tortillas with rice - more salsa or Tabasco. I'm so fair I'm ghost but my family thinks I'm from south of the border.

    Main Meal - I'd want pasta and homemade marinara with the freshest French bread and butter - salad - prefer Greek loaded with Kalamata olives.

    Dessert - Bocci gelato.

    LoveUni - stew looks sumptuous.

  • stan livedeath
  • Finkelstein

    .......with a nicely matured Merlot

    Image result for steak covered in onions and mushrooms

  • Tenacious

    Something that I know would give me the sh*ts so they'd have to postpone it. LOL!!

  • scruffmcbuff

    Whole cherrys. Id then crush the pips either on the floor or in my mouth. At least 5 or 6. Then sit and wait for the cyanide to kill me.

    It would be the ultimate way to piss on the executioners bomfire!

  • Simon

    Meat & Potato Pie, Chips, Mushy Peas and Gravy.

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