Alternate Jobs for the Governing Body..

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    I’m not sure if this is in the right topic area or not, but sometimes I wonder:

    If it were not for “religion”, what would the current GB do for a living??

    My speculations:

    1) Tony Morris: Funeral Home Director

    2) Sam Herd: Golden Corral Restaurant Regional Manager

    3) David Splane: Historic Vacuum Museum Curator

    4) Gerrit Loesch: Wholistic Enema/Foot Detox Technician

    5) Stephen Lett: Balloon Animal Expert/Rent-A-Clown for the Hollywood Elite Homosexual Community

    6) Geoffrey Jackson: Owner/Operator of Australia’s largest Handmade Digeridoo Outlet/Small Engine Repair

    Kenneth Cook: That guy who goes around restocking Gumball Machines

    Mark Sanderson: Amazon Millionaire from selling used Japanese School Girl panties

    Feel free to comment/add to the list..

    DD 😇

  • nowwhat?
    Anthony Morris. Mean school custodian all the kids are scared of
  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I like your imagination 😅

  • Hotpepper

    Fred Franz. Howdy doody

  • Smiles

    Cheers DD! We got a good laugh from all eight!

    GB secular employment based on real-world experience could also go this way, in same order:

    1 Morris:

    Janitorial First-Aid Box Manager III

    2 Herd

    Janitorial Graveyard Shift Supervisor

    3 Splane

    Janitorial Overlapping Shift Supervisor

    4 Lösch

    Janitorial Part-Time On-Call

    5 Lett

    Janitorial Sales Motivation

    6 Jackson

    Janitorial Overseas Call Center

    7 Cook

    Janitorial Assistant Helper, I

    8 Sanderson

    Janitorial Assistant Helper, II

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    What? None of them are window washers?

  • Biahi

    Data dog, hilarious!! 😀👍🏻

  • phoenixrising

    Tony Morris Fat Elvis impersonator in Vegas.

  • tiki

    Politicians...the whole wheedling bunch.

  • Vidiot

    You're all wrong.

    In fact, they already have a gig lined up:

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