Why Do Kingdom Halls Smell Funny?

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  • Englishman

    Having visited dozens of KH's over the years, I can indeed confirm that they all have the same smell about them IMHO.

    It's not very nice either, perhaps even a little sinister is the odour that emanates from most of them.

    I wonder what it is that get's up my nose so?


  • Satanus

    It's the spiritual food that is collected after use, and reissued as new spiritual food. Each time it's recycled, it's smell is a bit worse. Funny you are the only one who noticed the smell


  • Farkel

    With all the toxic waste that is spewed in the Kingdom Halls, the body has to find some way to get rid of it. In this case, the body creates what is known as "farts" to get rid of Watchtower Toxins(tm). This is what gives all Kingdom Halls that bad smell.

    Yep.lt's definitely the farting.


  • patio34

    Hi Eman,

    They DO, don't they!! There's a stuffy, slightly unpleasant . . . odor about them. Thanks for bringing this up.

    One i was in got some chairs cheaply that had been in a sewage spill--they never got rid of the smell, but in retrospect, it was appropriate.


  • minimus

    C'mon Eman. Other than Farkel's observation about the "farting", what do you smell there? This sounds like this could be a minimus question.

  • heathen

    Maybe it's that steaming pile of horse manure that they keep pulling out of their ass for every one to revel in.

  • JH

    When 80-100 people spend 2 hours at the hall, that doesn't help.

    Some put too much perfume, and some don't wash themselves.

    The worse is when another congregation just left 10 minutes ago, and a new meeting is starting with another 80 people, with again different odors.

    If only they had windows that could open. I don't think that the air conditioning or heating in the winter can change the air quality enough.

  • gitasatsangha

    Maybe its a combination of bad perfume, unwashed bodies, old decaying paper (some literature cabinets are almost a museum of unplaced literature), overuse of cleaning materials and cheap air fresheners. Plus they are packing between 50 to 200 people in rooms which typically have low ceilings and poor ventillation. The KH's are built to cost, not spec.

  • kat_newmas

    With the witnesses, The attitudes stink. The judgement stinks. The shunning of family stinks. The self-righteousness stinks. and the practice of treating women like property stinks.

    With all that STINKY stuff floating around in there.... one must expect the lingering odor of Bullsh*t.

  • Smiles


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