UK Civil Service Damns UK Government

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  • cofty

    Following the daily Covid19 briefing, in which Boris Johnson defended his advisor Dominic Cummings for travelling to his family estate after showing symptoms of the virus, the Civil Service official Twitter feed posted the following.

    The tweet was quickly deleted. I can't overstate how unthinkable it is that the service should publicly criticise the government of the day.

    Boris' defense of Cummings is a huge error in judgement and will destroy its credibility. I suspect it will come to light that Boris knew of his advisor's intention to travel in advance. Heads will roll over this. It remains to be seen which heads and how many.

  • mikronboy

    Hmm..maybe. The question remains as to why the media hung on to this story for over 6 weeks? Were they timing its release so as to inflict maximum damage on the government? As for the tweet, one can only wonder to what extent the establishment, ie the remainer Civil servants, that's nearly all of them, have been stoking the flames?

  • Phizzy

    I rather admire the Journalist who sat on the half of the story, that Cummings had done this TWICE, until a number of Tory M.P's had come out and "defended" him.

    If he is allowed to flout Lock Down Rules, and get away with it, it makes a mockery of those Rules.

    Many people who obeyed the Rules, could not be with dying loved ones, could not attend their funeral, and some in parallel situations to Cummings, obeyed, and managed alone.

  • Fadeaway1962

    Why was Boris Johnson allowed to travel to his second home chequers when he has a two bedroom flat above no 10 .

    No wonder he can't criticize Dominic Cummings.

  • cofty

    Fadeaway - Chequers was the perfect place to recuperate after his battle with Covid19. I think you are being a bit petty. On the other hand Cummings actions are indefensible.

  • Fadeaway1962

    Does 40 miles or 250 miles make a difference ?

    Catherine calderwood quit after visiting 2nd home after driving 44 miles after giving advice not to make unnecessary travel.

    I'm sure other people have 2nd home's that they would have liked to recuperate in but headed the advice not to make any unnecessary travel.

  • slimboyfat

    Am pleasantly surprised by your take on this. He should resign, but he won’t. It’s a disgrace. Obviously where I differ is the idea Johnson had any credibility. In February he insisted Britain would defeat coronavirus like superman—a bizarre fantasy that substituted for preparedness and cost the lives of tens of thousands.

    Until a fortnight ago a majority of people supported the government’s response. Now there is a clear majority against. People are wising up.

  • cofty

    It is disgraceful.

    Imagine not being allowed to be with your wife or husband in their dying hours and the man who helped form the government's policy is driving hundreds of miles with a wife who is symptomatic just in case they have childcare needs in the future.

    Lots of unanswered questions. Would Boris' closests advisor really take off to Durham without first informing his boss? I doubt it. No wonder Boris won't fire him.

    Cummings is currently making a statement on BBC. He still thinks he didn't break any rules. To be fair there were loopholes in the guidance but somebody in his position needs to be exemplary.

    Am pleasantly surprised by your take on this - SBF

    Why? I have never been ideologically wedded to any politician or party. I just have a low tolerance for those who do.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the English consevative party can do whatever they like ! there's nothing anyone can do about it. They had a massive majority in the most recent election. there is no effective opposition to defeat them in any vote.

  • Simon

    Cummings should go. It is inconceivable that he gets away with flouting the rules that HE made for other when other people are being harassed and arrested for far, far less clear violations and also ordinary people are missing out on seeing loved ones, attending funerals and so on.

    He took his infected family for a day out on his wife's birthday. All the other explanations are BS - he's a selfish cunt that things he's above everyone else and he should pay for it.

    That the civil service would publicly criticize the government is a separate issue, this is just the trigger (excuse?). Whoever did it should also be fired.

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