Do you or did you experience too much intrusion into your personal life by the elders in your congregation?

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  • LongHairGal


    Yes, I did back in the day. But, I must confess that one was trying to help - or thought he was.

    Unfortunately, taken as a whole, elders were too intrusive and I put a stop to it by distancing myself and not discussing my business. I even refused shepherding visits. I just didn't want them bothering me. Of course the problem was solved when I 'faded' from the JW religion and changed my phone number.😉

  • jambon1

    Most elders would be insignificant, no-marks in the real world.

    The authority they have is completely mishandled by most of them.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Wow thanks for all the experiences guys. It is clear that many of these elders obssessively try to stick to the rule book ' shepherd the flock of God. The flip side to this is that they are stumbling people to the point where they either move congregation, fade or leave altogether.

    I honestly don't think they realise the damage they are doing. Many of these control freaks try to enforce their own personal robotic lifestyle on others, thus preventing the basic human 'God given' right to freedom of choice, even if it is harmless.

    Such behaviour by these men PROVES beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Watchtower organisation is captive, high control group, claiming to be Christian. Yet they will say we have freedom in Christ!

  • stillin

    The first couple of months that my wife and I were married, I had a LOT of catching up to do in the sex department. I stayed home from work a lot of days and since we lived in a small apartment complex that had several Witness families in it, it was probably pretty evident what was going on in 5-A. I lost about 20 pounds in the first month of wedded bliss. The other residents in the apartment complex must have put 2 and 2 together.

    The kindly elder approached me and, among his suggestions was this gem: "Let all things take place decently and by arrangement. My wife and I have a time set for mid-afternoons on Saturdays. You should try something like that."

    The rest is history. I could stand to lose at least 10 pounds now!

  • pale.emperor

    The best thing you can say to an elder when they poke their nose in is:

    "This is my religion. You're not the FBI or CIA. Go away little man..."

    Then enjoy their reaction. Their power instantly removed from them. They do-not-like-it!

  • ttdtt

    When I was an MS, there were 2 elders who during their shepherding calls were asking couples if they were having oral or anal sex. You know cuz doG hates that. Where a mouth or penis goes is very important to him.

    Well, word got back to the P.O. who was a good guy, and shut that down quick.

    It seemed that one of the brothers was out trolling for potential sisters to screw, while the other one had other issues. The first elder wound up shacking up with a sister, got divorced, moved away, and sadly came to a bad end.

  • ToesUp

    " My wife and I have a time set for mid-afternoons on Saturdays."

    I bet this guy is a real kick ass in the sack. lol

  • UnshackleTheChains
    The first couple of months that my wife and I were married, I had a LOT of catching up to do in the sex department.

    Ha ha stillin 😋

    I had a couple of years to catch up on myself... after I tied the knot with my good lady 😉

    Missed quite a few Saturday mornings for field service. At least we weren't harassed by the elders. 😂😂

  • Peer File
    Peer File

    Some useless old sister - mid 80s - never married - but "could have married someone but they were not spiritual type" whose only use was to be a gossiper would never understand Heisenbergs principle ie. if you keep on giving hints people know what you are doing. When I went to the hall she was at the first time, these seats were extremely hard, and my arse was getting sore sitting on some curved timber covered by a cloth. And the timber would dig in. Seats in sub saharan aftica would be better but I did give me the opportunity to realise that she delighted in thinking that she could "help" people by gossping. Paul would have said that she bang out a few kiddies and learn to mind her own business but unfortunately her spirituality was negected.

    Anyway it turned out that some wicked people decided to illegally wiretap my apartment. I could tell that they were doing this because put simply they are wiked that just can't keep their mouths shut and rejoice with the bad and don't trust others. To be sure it was them I took 6 weeks off meetings and then at a DC and this stupid woman was staring across the stadium trying to look at me. Lest we forget that after 40 your eye site detiorates and I would see her squinting as she was looking at me. And I was looking around for the nigger in woodpile.

    Aparently the talk was supposed to be for me it appears as the speaker decided to come and tell me so, and also tell me that I should not have been looking around when he was speaking.

    I just told him that I was going for a piss and invited him to come and hold my dick.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    had one who would call like clockwork after every bookstudy, interrupting; he knew. When young it was a given on any trip including to conventions, morners, nooners, and the whole shebang.

    it is amazing how much others "know".

    Ours has been good, only ever each other; which works well. foreplay is up to your imagination

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