Undue Influence

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  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    This is what "undue influence" looks like. It's how you train someone to abandon their children, become a martyr, and drink the Kool-Aid. Watchtower November 15, 2013. P.19, para. 17.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Undue influence and 'under the influence'!

    just saying!

  • ToesUp

    Yes....the Elders must stand ready to ladle out the kool aid.

    These 3 paragraphs prove WT for the cult it is. Disgusting!!!

  • steve2

    That was written just shy of five years ago. I remember when it was first published because JWs received it as urgent confirmation that the end was incredibly close. The following year - 2014 - we heard stories of the build up to that year's memorial which was framed as "perhaps" the last one this side of the end.

    In the business-as-usual meantime, Warwick was constructed and completed and the Watchtower accountants, as recently as 2016, spoke of a five-year auditing plan to manage available and incoming assets and funds.

    No end-times urgency there, buddy.

    The world continues as before with the longer term in view - and so does JW organization.

    End-times urgency occupies the lowly rank and file, while five-year-and-beyond plans are for JW organization and its money-makers.

  • floridaborn

    That was back when they still pretended they cared about those that had “drifted away”. Now you must be shunned if you waiver in your faith

  • berrygerry

    The irony about "the Assyrian"

    Assyria’s mighty army was maneuvered by Jehovah and used by him as a symbolic “rod” to execute judgment on apostate Samaria, as described at Isaiah 10:5, 6: “Aha, the Assyrian, the rod for my anger, and the stick that is in their hand for my denunciation! Against an apostate nation I shall send him,


  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Contrasted that quote with another one to highlight the murderous recklessness of the current eight cult leaders:

  • stuckinarut2

    Great point @floridaborn!

    Yes, considering that nowadays, the official policy of the Society is to NOT visit all inactive ones or disfellowshipped ones. Remember in the past they would assign two elders to visit these ones on a yearly basis? No more.

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