Time to Arrest the Leaders of the Anti-War Movement,

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  • LuckyLucy

    http://www.homestead.com/prosites-prs/index.html 16 May, 1918 The U.S. Sedition Act United States, Statutes at Large, Washington, D.C., 1918, Vol. XL, pp 553 ff. A portion of the amendment to Section 3 of the Espionage Act of June 15, 1917.SECTION 3. Whoever, when the United States is at war, shall willfully make or convey false reports or false statements with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the military or naval forces of the United States, or to promote the success of its enemies, or shall willfully make or convey false reports, or false statements, . . . or incite insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, or refusal of duty, in the military or naval forces of the United States, or shall willfully obstruct . . . the recruiting or enlistment service of the United States, or . . . shall willfully utter, print, write, or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of government of the United States, or the Constitution of the United States, or the military or naval forces of the United States . . . or shall willfully display the flag of any foreign enemy, or shall willfully . . . urge, incite, or advocate any curtailment of production . . . or advocate, teach, defend, or suggest the doing of any of the acts or things in this section enumerated and whoever shall by word or act support or favor the cause of any country with which the United States is at war or by word or act oppose the cause of the United States therein, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than twenty years, or both....

  • siegswife

    More about the Paul Revere Society here: http://www.savagestupidity.com/prs-sitewatch.html

  • COMF

    Which leaders? Which anti-war movement?

    I need documentation of violations.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Until and unless a war is formally declared, the sedition act is not in effect.

    Once it is, the Islamo-Fascists sponsoring the "Peace Rallies" can be dealt with.

    We need to become a more Savage Nation in the interest of oour self-preservation. We can no longer depend on the French to protect us.

  • COMF
    We need to become a more Savage Nation in the interest of oour self-preservation.

    Follow the Watchtower Society's example?

    We can no longer depend on the French to protect us.

    Well, there goes my security blanket...

  • expatbrit

    Have you considered that the real measure of victory in the upcoming war will not be how well the US military performs, but how far US society avoids embracing the ideologies and methods of its opponents?


  • Trauma_Hound

    Lucky and Nathan, are you both communist?

  • hillary_step
    ................shall willfully make or convey false reports or false statements

    lol....Obviously Colin Powell did not read this very carefully before he presented to the whole world a set of plagiarized and manipulated documents and film material purporting to show Iraq's involvement in the manufacture and subsequent hiding of such weapons. The objective of this was to seek to prove the cause primarily of the US and Britain who must go to war and I use the term 'must' deliberately, as the logistics of standing down a mobilized military force the size that the US and Britain has combined is untenable. The morale factor alone makes war inevitable.

    As for Saddam survival is his objective, not military or political victory. The Arabs traditionally view survival as victory when they are faced with a more powerful foe. Saddam for example, is convinced that he won the Gulf War because he survived it. I suspect if you were to place President Bush and His Magnificence Saddam Hussein together on bar-room stools and they will have far more in common than they would like to admit!

    At this juncture I would like to suggest that Ted Jaracz, President Bush, Saddam Hussein and Anthony Blair form a band, pierce themselves all over with many pains, and start earning a few bob playing the clubs. They could call themselves 'The Fabulous Four Who Played With Each Other'.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    "The way to avoid war is to get the leaders together in a boxing rink and fill their gloves with horse manure." -- W.C. Fields

  • back2dafront

    so once the war starts there will be no more anti-war protests??

    This law will actually go into effect?

    Damn, I was ignoring it because it seemed like an outdated law. I don't think it's right to "intefere with the success of the military" or anything like that, but I see no harm in people protesting in the street, or telling their friend they don't think the war is to our benefit for that matter.

    So much for living in a free country.

    Once it is, the Islamo-Fascists sponsoring the "Peace Rallies" can be dealt with.

    We need to become a more Savage Nation in the interest of oour self-preservation. We can no longer depend on the French to protect us.

    Our savageness is going to cause more problems my friend. Just wait, you'll see. The writing is on the wall, it's so obvious. All hell is going to break loose over there, and it's going to cause international conflict. Real fun stuff. I feel real secure now. <insert sarcasm> Funny how nobody is protesting against our pursuit of Al-Qaeda members. Why? Because they are clearly the terrorists involved and linked to 9/11 and future CREDIBLE threats against American interests. If Bush had kept focused energy on that war, things would be a lot better. Only a fool would think the rest of the Middle East is going to let USA invade Iraq and set up a democracy and gain even more influence and control in the region. Things are escalating in Israel now too - the Hamas are pissed and are going after Israeli political leaders. Al Qaeda is going after our troops, not to mention the certainty that Sadaam must have something planned for them as well. We have no friends over there, and hardly have European friends. What about this picture is looking good? What about this picture seems to be serving the best interests of America to you? Why can't we use the same troops deployed over there to defend our borders and shipping ports? Would that not make us safer? Why does everything always have to be aggressive instead of defensive? Defense is just as important and has won tons of football games. We're very vunerable now - our troops are focused in one region of the world. If a country decided to attack USA soil, would we be able to adequately defend our shores? Hopefully. I've yet to hear one convincing argument on how this war will make America safer. Or how this war will help our economy. That has nothing to do with me being pro-Islam, for I'm not in favor of any of their ideologies at ALL. Simply put, I do not want to see thousands of our troops hurt and killed. I do not want to see the global economy plummet as a result of this war. I do not want to see nuclear, chemical or biological warfare in ANY country (and I'm convinced we will see it in Iraq very soon). I do not want to see gas prices continue to rise. (In the Bay Area, the cheapest gas I've seen is now $2.05/gal - that's for 87 octane mind you). I do not want to see a mushroom cloud over Anchorage, AK, and that will happen if Bush doesn't solve this problem with Korea quickly. Now please tell me how my concerns are being Anti-American or pro-Islam??? Please tell me why I should not be even considering any of the things mentioned above and should be supporting this war 100%? Shoot, BUSH isn't even convinced this is going to go smoothly!! He acts like he is, but you can tell he isn't!!! Have you not seen how he dodges EVERY SINGLE QUESTION REGARDING THE SAFETY OF THE TROOPS AND AMERICAN CITIZENS??? What does it take for people to see the big picture??? THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE DAYS AWAY FROM DYING AND THAT INCLUDES YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS. Then after that is done and over with, we're STILL not going to be safe from the threat of terrorism, AND the economy is going to be MORE screwed up than it already is. And all this talk about liberating the Iraqi people. Give me a break. Our sanctions since the the Gulf War has cost the lives of thousands of children. They have cancer patients over there that cannot be provided chemotherapy treatment. Kidney patients that can't be given dialysis. More and more kids are being born with diseases and deformities. The war is NOT going to help that situation at all. Are all the civilians going to flee Baghdad before the war? What will they have to return to? Geez man...it's really not that difficult to see.

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