Ozzie's Weekend Poll #40

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  • Eppie

    10) other

    I would do what I did last time I was in the hospital, I saw them coming at the end of the hall and I hid in the bathroom until they were gone and instructed my neighbour to say that I had to undergo a treatment and wouldn't be back for hours


  • LeslieV

    I would have to say 8. Myself, at this point, would not say 9. I do not believe that they would be in my hospital room out of concern. I sure haven't seen any in the last 7 years so I could not begin to think they would be there out of any caring.


  • Mulan

    At first I would do #9. Then I might ask them why they never visit me at home. But maybe not. I think I would be nice to them, even if they aren't nice to me.

  • Xena

    #4 cause if I am in the hospital I am not going to be wanting to deal with their s**t

    course after reading this I would contact blondie BEFORE going into the hospital and see if I can fly her in to watch over me

    edited to add good to see ya posting ozzie hope this means you are still feeling better!


    The elders visit me in the hospital?..LOL!....Nurse! Your going to need two more beds,and don`t put them in my room..Bang! Crash! Thump,Thump!..Nurse! You better hurry these guys don`t look too good,LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • Valis

    I think I might go chimpanzee on their ass and start throwing stuff from the bed pan...whooo whoo whoo whoo aaaa aaaa aaaaa....*LOL*


    District Overbeer of the "Poop Slinging Primate" class

  • Princess

    When I was in the hospital after the birth of my son we discovered there was an elder who called on witnesses in the hospital. Apparently when you register and fill in the religious affiliation blank they give that info to the elders if they ask. Who knew? So here I am, sort of a witness but not really, holding my newborn and this elder that I don't even know comes a'calling. I was polite but he scurried on his way to visit the "real witness", an elder's wife who had also just had a baby was in the room next door. Our kids were born a day apart. She wouldn't speak to me back then either. Long story but basically she was a jealous b*tch. Anyway, I'm sure the elder couldn't help but notice I wasn't wearing the bright yellow "NO BLOOD" bracelet.

    Two years later I made sure there were no traces of Jehovah's Witnesses on my admitting papers or my prior hospital records. They didn't visit when Zoe was born.



    Oh goodie...an Ozzie poll...love these .

    What would Rayzorblade do?

    #10. Other

    "...er excuse me elder Whatizface...could you help me with my bedpan? I was given a suppository to soften my stool...could you help sit me up?...um, thanks...much appreciated.."


    Hey Ozzie, hope you're better...me thinks...you are...regards to Mrs. Ozzie and family.

  • manon

    #9 Then I would graciously say, "I'm not interested in a bible study at this time".

  • eyegirl

    hmmmmmmmm............i'm thinking.......... #10. other:

    i think i'd either choose to 1) fake a coma or 2) tell them i've developed turrets and have a sudden outburst of profanity--claiming that it's my disease causing me to act in such a manner. heehee

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