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  • Solaris11


    I heard avoidjw.org is under legal attack from The Watchtower Society. It's a shame because it's such a wonderful resource.


    Does anyone know what is happening with this site? I have found that I can no longer download any of the publications anymore.

  • Atlantis

    Send Atlantis a pm. All the materials that were once on avoid are now in Underground Archives with the other 30 Archives Atlantis has.

    Let us know what you need and we will send you a download link.


  • ToesUp

    Avoid JW scares the hell out of WT. Thank you to Atlantis and others, WT will NEVER be able to stop the flow of material that scares WT so much!

    Thank you all who are helping us all out!!! We appreciate all that you do!!!!

  • Apostate Anonymous
    Apostate Anonymous

    I feel like the WT really shows their hand when they attack websites that are critical of them. If it's truly nothing more than "Bitter Apostate Lies," then why go through the hassle of taking legal action? I don't get it

  • freddo

    AA wrote: "If it's truly nothing more than "Bitter Apostate Lies," then why go through the hassle of taking legal action? I don't get it"

    Because it is "Bitter Apostate Truths". That is why Watchtower attacks websites that are critical of them.

  • Wild_Thing

    Control of information is very powerful. Evidently powerful enough to cause the Watchtower to spend a lot of money on lawyers to squash and bury any information they don't want disseminated.

  • blownaway

    So why not post the "copy right" under some assumed identity then they can link to it. You are then just linking. They can chase the anonymous phantom around.

  • oppostate

    Sites that link to copyrighted material can also be taken down if that is their sole purpose.

  • Diogenesister

    I think jwfacts and avoidjw.org and this forum are the bulwark against Watchtower and they know it.

    This guy is a hero. This youtuber is right we all need to help and Atlantis and Petra more than do their bit. Bravo to you all!

  • stuckinarut2

    It amazes me!

    The information on these sites (such as jwfacts) is nothing more than actual quotes from Society material!

    Nothing more, nothing less!

    If the GB is so determined to try and delete such quotes from history (good luck with that anyway), then they are proving the point that they are a Cult! Scared of anything negative - even if they themselves wrote it all!

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