Awkward exchange with my JW sister in law regarding the circle of life

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    So we were at another family members home for a random celebration when the nature channel showed a killer whale eating a seal and my sister in law was horrified. We made a joke about the circle of life and I said something along the lines of 'everything that lives must die, the bible says every king must die, so even Jesus wasn't immune'.

    After that comment there was an awkward silence with our JW family whispering to each other about my comment of dying.

    Once upon a time I asked my uber elder JW brother if he thought that he would not die and he asked me if I knew when God would start Armageddon. I said 'no' and he said, 'then you really don't know do you?' I replied that no one knows....,

    so , long story short, they believe they will not die.

    Stupid effing cult!

  • truth_b_known

    The lie of everlasting life and shunning are the two pillars of the organization.

  • GrreatTeacher

    The two sure things in life: death and taxes.

    Watchtower doesn't believe in the first, and does its damnedest to avoid the second.

  • blondie

    I believe that is what attracts people to the WTS, the hope of never dying and living forever on a paradise earth. So don't tell them it won't happen.

    But remember the WTS teaches the anointed have to die to receive their reward in heaven.

  • steve2

    I love the Disney-ish vision they have of Paradise earth - scrubbed clean of the inherent rapacious violence of nature and no mention of deadly invisible bacteriaand the necessary role of death in the continuation of life on earth. Like children enamored of stories of sweet little kittens playing with balls of wool, JWs have never come to terms with how violently unrelenting nature is.

  • zeb


    You might ask them where do they think their meat comes from. Does it comes from the super-mart where no animals get hurt in its manufacture.?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    There are many aspects of the natural world that are beautiful, exquisite, or stunning. The WTS uses this to promote a belief of a paradise earth.

    Unfortunately, as the OP and Steve2 have pointed out, the natural world is also a harsh, unforgiving, violent place.

    I remember watching a BBC program about the white shark. This was a month or so after my baptism, so I was fully in. The white shark is an impressive, some would say beautiful, animal but it acquires its food in a very violent manner. The program had a sequence of a shark hitting a seal with a crippling first bite. You could actually see air bubbles come out the seal's mouth underwater - either as a result of the shark's bite force or perhaps the seal was trying to vocalise.

    It was pretty disturbing - even more so to viewers who believe in some kind of peaceful paradise earth.

  • Vidiot

    IMO, the sheer gut-churning degree of f**ked-up shit found in nature is the best evidence for evolution I've yet to see.

  • Carol1111

    I wonder how they will cope with nuclear power stations going into melt down if there are no skilled staff to keep them under control after their version of Armageddon.

  • Vidiot

    Or simply the sudden lack of "worldy" staff at your average hydroelectric dam.

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