Child care and abortion - two examples of the complexity of the issue

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    What she went through is awful. It seems she recovered well, thankfully. Too bad she attributes her survival and our human accountability to a myth. Still, I don't know how prolific this sort of incident is, either way I don't know how any human being can strangle a child to death and it certainly disgusts me even as Someone who supports abortion.

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    The United States is one of the only countries in the world that allows partial birth abortion. It is an abomination.

    It seems to me that allowing abortion in cases of 1.) rape, 2.) incest, 3.) danger to mother and 4.) banning it altogether after the 1st Trimester, would be the bare minimum that everyone of all stripes could agree upon.

    The abortion laws in the united states are utterly detestable.

    On another note, I was invited to a fund raiser for a community pregnancy center that offers free services. Seems like every business owner in town was there to eat and write a check. $1000.00 a plate was asked.

    Gianna was the guest speaker at the event. Let me just tell you that she needed help up to the podium. But, once she got there, she delivered one of the most amazing speeches I'd ever heard. During that speech she said something that made me stop all my whining and sniffling about the loss of my JW family when I accepted Christ.

    She said that as an adult she tried to establish a relationship with her biological mother. It went okay for a while until the mother tried to to stop her career as a public speaker. When she refused, her mother, the one that unsuccessfully tried to abort her, told her that she was a disgrace to her entire family.

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    If the reason for going against abortion is to protect human life, then allowing it in cases of rape or incest make no sense at all and break that logic. The only logical reason to allow a rape/incest clause is if your REAL reasons are that you think people should be punished for their mistakes more. So, no, that doesn't really work either.

    Abortion is an unsolvable issue because the yay and nay of it relate to philosophical concepts that have no factual answer. Fetuses/zygotes/embryos/sperm cells/egg cells are all "human life," so none of that is in question. The question is "personhood," which is a philosophical concept, as it relates to when someone else's personhood overrides the mother that it is feeding off of's wishes. And there's no "true" answer to that because everyone doesn't agree on when that starts.

    The U.S. Supreme Court set it at viability - when it can reasonably survive outside of the mother, which also happens to coincide with where it actually begins to think and feel. That's a logical stance based on the available actual data that we have.

    Really, the biggest issue is so many people being raised in a human-centric religious atmosphere in which they are force-fed the idea that human life is the most important thing ever and must be preserved at all costs, no matter what because it's ultra special because it is. That causes people to think of even something as non developed as zygotes, which think and feel less than worms, as more precious than the self aware, fully feeling dinner they had that night, and assign it more importance than they actually do fully grown people who actually -do- suffer and die constantly around the world.

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    talesin: Is this the photo you were posting, FTS? : )

    That's the one, Talesin. and thank you for teaching me something I've sometimes struggled with.


    azor: Dammit you made me cry. My daughter is 6.

    Not sure which segment of my post brought you to tears? Possibly both.

    But, since putting the information (for this thread) together. I think that the image of the two young girls may be a greater cause of sadness. I (because I'm continually dealing with different cultures in my studies) know better than to impose my cultural constraints on to other people's cultures. And, I also appreciate that visual aids (photographs and film) can misinform as well as inform, but those two little girls will have a lifetime in front of them, tied to a decision that their families have made for them.

    At some point they will reach puberty and likely fall pregnant, their still immature (physically) bodies will have to bear the physical strain of the pregnancy and giving birth, bringing the likelihood of physical damage and bladder incontinence, all without the medical assistance taht was likely available to the first girl in Paraguay It is reported that as a consequence, the Ethiopian girls will probably stink of urine and be rejected by their husbands (unless, somehow surgical assistance becomes available), and spend the remainder of their lives in a socially unacceptable situation.

    A hopeless, depressing problem for them and for those of us who understand what is happening. The Yahweh/Jesus combo god has afflicted so much sadness on his poor bloody creation, has he not?

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    fulltimestudent - "The Yahweh/Jesus combo god has afflicted so much sadness on his poor bloody creation, has he not?"

    "Dear Lord, please save us from those who believe in you."

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