My understanding on the generation doctrine...

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  • PJ Delaney
    PJ Delaney

    This is my understanding on the Generation doctrine.

    And I actually think might be correct!

    Watch this video and see what you think...

    I regret that the sound on this is pretty bad, but I’d be grateful if people considered the material presented here

    If you think I have a point to what I’m saying here...... Spread the news!

  • TheWonderofYou

    Dear Sir, your audio got bad..Vibration so much that it is only painful. ..why the Video at all?

    Keep it short and simple..

    What is the Point?

  • Magnum

    You at least twice referred to second or major fulfillments of prophecies. What makes you think there are such fulfillments? You evidently assume it, but you need to give some evidence or some line of reasoning to your audience.

    You referred at the end of the video to "our work" and "our preaching work". To whom does the pronoun "our" refer? In other words, whom do you think is doing this work - one particular group? If so, what group?

    Also, you referred to the "144,000". Do you think that number is literal?

  • PJ Delaney
    PJ Delaney

    On the day of Pentecost 33 CE when Holy Spirit came down in tongues of fire on the first century Christians, the apostle Peter quoted Joel’s prophecy that their would be an outpouring of Holy Spirit before the Day of Jehovah. That day of Jehovah happened in 70 CE.

    There is another Day of Jehovah going to take place in the future. It would be logical that before then, there would be another outpouring of Holy Spirit. Jehovah’s Witnesses would be in an ideal position to receive the anointing because they don’t claim to be anointed already but at the same time they are loyal Christians.

    I think the work they are doing now is a baptism of repentance, a John the Baptist work, leading to something bigger. Maybe a fulfillment of Malachi 3. Elijah preparing the way and the messenger of the covenant coming to the spiritual temple.

    If their is an outpouring of Holy Spirit that would be the birth of the New Spiritual Israelite nation, it could be likened to the fig tree putting forth leaves. And it’s the generation that sees the birth of the nation, sees Armageddon.

    (See also Ezekiel 37)

    The 144,000 is figurative.

  • mikeflood

    So...dou you think I have a chance of an everlasting life in a paradise on Earth?

  • TD
    Watch this video and see what you think...

    I think that although you reject the conclusions of JW's, you still retain their basic assumptions and methodology.

  • Finkelstein

    Why waste your time and thought on ancient mythological expressions that are inherently fiction or were said directly to people who were living at the time those words were spoken ?

    Hint : the people at the time all died off ( the generation to whom Jesus was speaking to ), the new kingdom under Jesus's control didn't appear.

    Hint : ancient men made up the appearing Messiah and wonderful things he was going to do Jesus (savior)

    Still nevertheless the best most humanistic god man ever envisioned in human history

    ........but it didn't really happen as we all know.

  • Crazyguy

    Mathews chapter 1 lists several generations each generation is listed as the father or the son. The Bible also makes it clear that a generation is 40 except in some special circumstances like the mighty ones that may live to 70 or 80, well we’re well past 80 years for the generation that will not pass away!

    The original generation that was talked about by Rutherford was born about 1900.

  • waton
    regret that the sound on this is pretty bad, but I’d be grateful if people considered the material presented here

    on top of that, a few here are hard of hearing. so, how about getting more ideas written down? for example:

    Since Jesus said the generation will pass away, once all has happened, when and how is that going to happen? in the so called "second fulfillment"?

  • PJ Delaney
    PJ Delaney

    I removed that video. I was too long and dragged out and the audio was dreadful. Besides, it is in the wrong part of the forum. If the admin wish to remove this thread, please do..

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