Welcome...to Witness Island! Almost all Witnesses!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Guadelope an island near Brazil has 1 in 49 people are Witnesses. 403,000 population 8,300 Witnesses! The main language is French and cereol. They are wealthy and have many immigrants. Imagine Saturday Witnessing here! "Hi last week i gave you the Watchtower...I'm baaack!"

    How can only 1 in 49 people have a brain!

  • smiddy3

    Hey witness 007 that sounds like a congregation I was in just north of Brisbane in Australia .its a Peninsular that at one stage had 3 congregations in it and we were on the same territory block every 2 or 3 weeks .

    And that was over 25-30 years ago .I`d hate to be witnessing their now .

    I hated it .

  • User99

    Yes, Guadeloupe has about 39 out of those same 49 being Roman Catholic. So at least 40 of every 49 people on that island belong to a religion that has pedophilia issues!

  • fulano

    Guadeloupe's two islands are not a country, but are a overseas department from France. The strange thing about the per capita publishers is that it is the most violent overseas departments France has. I have been there, not nice people I tell you.

  • dubstepped

    We had a couple visit our congregation in Kentucky from Guadeloupe once. My mom studied with a lady who somehow had relatives there and they came to visit. They were JWs and my mom spoke some measure of French and we got to know them and hang out a bit. As a kid it was cool. They had photos of the place and it was beautiful. Knowing how many dubs there are just turned it into a tropical nightmare now.

  • carla

    A whole island of jw's?! shudder....hell on earth? just kidding.

    A question- with so many jw's is the crime rate extremely low due to all the righteousness and nearly sinless jw's?

    No need for govt assistance either? all peace and love?

  • Vidiot
    carla - "...hell on earth? just kidding."

    Just kidding? Really?

    Have you considered it?

  • ToesUp

    I wonder if a lot of non JW's have signs on their doors....."NO JEHOVIES!!!"

  • carla

    Well Vidiot, I didn't want anybody to get their undies in a bunch seeing as we all have people we love and even like in the borg.

    A "No Jehovies" sign? I used to have one, didn't work all that well. I wonder how that would work on an island with mostly jw's and all the non jw's with signs on their doors? The jw's wouldn't need to do fs again would they? Would NY wonder where their fs numbers were? would they just wander about the island taking in the sites and report those hours?

  • stuckinarut2

    Clearly they would not need a police force there then??


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