WTBTS of Britain selling another Kingdom Hall

by Nicholaus Kopernicus 12 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • zeb

    comments about make up and nice hair... I observed that in the ghastly children's book where at Pentecost it was the same and it a fair bet the artist was the sis in the middle.

  • jookbeard

    wow another big one sold, real estate value in Richmond is right up there as being the most expensive in London, I believe when the Putney and Kingston congregations sold their hall after the congregations were amalgamated some years back the Richmond congregation absorbed part or both or a new congregation was formed to meet here I'm not quite sure, a move to Tolworth is a fair few miles away and not an easy place to travel to for the R&F in the Borough of Richmond to think these three congregations were very old established and in the space of a few years they've disappeared!

  • pepperheart

    With all the cuts the watchtower have made these past five years it looks good for us that they are having to sell this hall off

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