The Watchtower Society Is NOT A Cult!

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  • Farkel


    Uh, when you kick ass, would you try not to kick it so HARD?

    All honest dubs who read your response are now bolting from the WTS in droves.

    Can you really sleep at night knowing that you have caused so many dubs to lose their "precious faith(tm) in the WT LIE?"


  • AlanF

    : Can you really sleep at night knowing that you have caused so many dubs to lose their "precious faith(tm) in the WT LIE?"

    Very well, actually.

    I would sleep much less well if I ignored the sort of trash published by the Watchtower in the name of God.


  • Amazing

    Hi Alan: Just checking in. You make excellent points as usual. Likewise, I sleep very well knowing that more and more JWs are leaving the religion --- and especially so where I played some role ... maybe we can see this experience as cutting our teeth on JWs ... to prepare us for the next step ... exposing Isalm and a few other big and nasty cults ... This planet needs more agnostics and less religious cult fanatics ... hopefully that day will come sooner than later.

  • onacruse

    Hi, Amazing; hope you are faring well

    For me, "cult" is the most insulting word I know of to describe the WTS...therefore that's the word I'll use. If a better (read more insulting) word gains general usage, then I'll use that word instead.


  • SpannerintheWorks

    Many thanks for all your replies!

    Rocketman (thanks for the encouragement)

    Jgnat (great links)

    Francois (thanks again for all your help)

    refiner's fire (I'll try and get the book)

    the mole (another book on the list)

    Farkel (I'll ask the squirmy question)

    Utopian_Raindrops (great info, could be used in later discussion)

    blackout(yes, they are very contradictory)

    ARoarer (great link, thanks)

    AlanF (an absolutely awesome dissection and refutation of that WT article! THANK YOU!)

    JeffT (I actually have that book somewhere. I Will dig it out)

    Amazing(I agree!)

    Onacruse (LOL!)

    Minimus (thanks for your email).

    I've actually spent most of any free time I have at work today reading and downloading all the great info. It certainly will be of great help!

    AlanF's ESP is actually very acute! Guess what appeared out of nowhere on the kitchen table this morning? Yes, the WT article "Are Jehovah's Witnesses a cult?" that AlanF so brilliantly tore apart on the previous page! It would seem that that article is going to be the basis of "their" argument!

    Now isn't that just brilliant!

    OK, everybody, thanks again. I'll let you know the results of the encounter!


  • Billygoat

    Good luck Spanner! If they're planning on using that article, at least you know the enemy's strategy.

    Go knock 'em dead!

  • Francois

    I have found the following sites very helpful in analyzing the JWs so-called "argumentation"




  • gumby


    Along with all the other is a good start too....

    In COC Ray did a good job in quoted an ex-co 's observation. He pointed out that a good place to start with proving the dubs are a manmade organisation is to look at their own claims of........


    You start by showing statements from mthe society about Jehovah ALWAYS having a Faithful Remnant on earth.since Pentecost. Each generation class would FEED the next.

    The clincher at this point is using the old JW green book called "Jehovahs Witnesses in the Divine Purpose". This book will Contradict ALL their claims of being God directed.

    This book plainly says that C.T. Russell...."privately took the bible off the shelf, not looking through sectarian glasses.....and God turned on the light in the 20th century through him".

    NO mention is EVER made of him getting fed through an already existing slave class which is HOW he was supposed to get "fed" himself according the the society's own claims.

    This is an awesome argument that cannot be refuted by them and this gets to the root of the beginning of the borg, and proves it's own claims.....a lie.


  • joe_from_kokomo

    I used to say NO it's not, but after reading the definition of a cult at the top of this thread, I am now completely convinced that it is. What is interesting- and you discover this when you read a book that reveals the true history of the Watchtower Society, Apocalypse Delayed- is that they really became a cult under Judge Rutherford, the 2nd WT President, during the period of 1916-1941. His Stalinistic, tyrannical, iron-fisted centralized control brought about much of the cultish infrastructure that we have today.

    But, the real proof, in my humble opinion, after many years in the so-called Truth (and still there now, in name only), is that there is no way for a member to leave this organization quietly.

    I repeat (repetition for emphasis here) that there is no way for a member to leave peacefully, if he or she decides that he or she no longer agrees with the beliefs of the Society. In most cases, you are forced into a situation where you are either 1)disfellowshipped or 2)disassociated. Either option leaves you unable to associate with former members, or even your own family.

    So, like belonging to some gang, or to the Mob, you will get 'spiritually beat up' or 'spiritually killed' when you leave.

    Just thought you should now this before you join (which sounds like will never happen). Ask them about that.

  • lisaBObeesa

    As I skimmed through these posts I didn't see anyone mention Steven Hassan and the book, "Combatting Cult Mind Control," This excellent book does not talk about the JWs, but talks about cults and anyone who has been a JW can make the connection. EXCELLENT.

    Also, Steven Hassan has a website with lots of great info:


    If this has been mentioned already, sorry!


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