Question on the Special Order... document and its implications

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  • careful

    Thanks to all for your thoughts, especially to Richard Oliver who seems to have an inside track on the procedure. One question: the "consulting services" you refer to, is that some office at Bethel or what?

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Consulting services is a division within Legal that prepares the tax returns for members of the order. It is a unique thing to have a vow of poverty so not everyone knows how to handle their tax returns. Their only job is either to prepare tax returns or to approve tax returns that a member has had an accountant prepare for them. It is ultimately up to each member to file an accurate and proper tax return but they will make sure that it is compliant with IRS and all state laws and regulations.

    Bethel office only really gets involved if someone doesn't either file their paperwork with consulting services in a timely fashion or does not notify with consulting services that they filed their tax return. And they only get involved because they want to ensure that everyone in order is compliant with federal and state laws and regulations.

  • wifibandit

    I can confirm that everything Richard Oliver has said is true and accurate. This is exactly how it is handled at the US Branch.

  • fulano

    Richard, I think you are talking about the US, the world is bigger than the US.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    I can only speak intelligently about the US and those that take the vow in the US. The part of obedience would apply throughout the world. The vow of poverty and tax implications would be adjusted based on laws and regulations in each sovereign country. But since the US has the most bethelites, and traveling overseers and their wives, that is the biggest group that is part of the order.

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