Not very zealous as before

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I was with a group of JW's 2 weeks ago and I noticed the same thing. I was more up on what was going on then they were and some of these are hard core JW's. I knew the name of the GB members and they did not have a clue who they were. I said but we see them every month on JW broadcasting and they looked blankly at me. I honestly wonder if they watch it, They are busy with life and it just seemed like it is a religion to them.

    I also wanted to add that I have been accused of having two different accounts on this board. I do because I have tried and tired and tried to get my phone to sign into my home computer account and I somehow started a new account on my phone. I just noticed a very paranoid poster who thinks I am doing something wrong and trying to stalk him, which in reality he is doing to me always following the posts I am on. I sign myself off the same way. I really think that the JW part of people never leaves them, like the paranoia thing. I mean seriously. I am sure he will be reading this as everywhere I go he is there. He think I am in love with him, kind of creepy.

    Now getting back to the subject, OTWO really hit the nail on the head with "They have morphed into "Jehovah loves us, Jesus loves us. Christianity is wrong." that is basically what this family I was with said, and that is what they are teaching their children.

    It was really strange. LITS

  • smiddy

    This is all good news to me. sbf ,you sumned it up nicely the more disinterested,unenthusiastic ,they are the more apathetic they are and will yet become eventually leading to their walking away from this cult

  • Steel

    What i have found kind of strange is how little evidence of dubs being dubs on there facebook accounts.


    JWs are not as zealous before with regard to the major subjects such as “sanctification of God’s name,” “vindication of His sovereignty” etc. They begin to feel that such subjects are imaginary issues.

    Are You................................Nah..

    Feeling Zealous?............This Sucks..
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  • respectful_observer

    What i have found kind of strange is how little evidence of dubs being dubs on there facebook accounts.

    Except at convention time. Selfies galore!

  • zeb

    “Vindication of His (universal)sovereignty" I recall hearing this bellowed out at a convention as the issue of the age when home loan interest rates hit 18%. I know what I was more concerned about and our house was dead basic not a 'McMansion' by any means.

  • joe134cd
    I must admit that the comments on here sort of summed me up. It was just more the social aspect, and the meetings and FS was the means to the end. I really didn't care about been doctrinally correct and often times would fall asleep at the meetings. When I started waking up and feeling the acquaintances moving away, I was physically gone in 18 months. The thing that strikes me about my JW relatives is just how little they know or are aware of the changes taking place. I had a relative the other day tell me the society was never against the Internet, and always allowed people to use computers in the KH. That sums it up.
  • DesirousOfChange

    I find many JWs to still be just as zealous -- in word -- but NOT in action. If you dare say anything "negative" about the GB, the bOrg, something in the WT, etc, they will jump on you like stink on sh!t ! They'll brand you as "apostate" in a New York second.

    But as far as "action" -- the vast majority of JWs are now "do nothings", like SlimFatBoy said earlier. They have no zeal for reading the Bible, no zeal for studying doctrine (which is why no one can explain the Overlap BS), no zeal for preaching (4 NHs or RVs and 1 hour at Starbucks = 3 hours in Field Circus), etc. They have zeal for running out the door of the KH and getting to the Sunday Brunch with their JW friends for a few drinks, or to sit in front of the Telly for Sunday Football (the real kind of football). They have zeal for going on cruises or "exotic" vacations (Americans don't travel much as we are lucky to get 1 or maybe 2 weeks of vacation/holiday). No longer do JWs spend/waste their vacation in "seldom worked territory".

    Yep, the only ZEAL they have is in condemning you if you rock their JW boat.

  • ToesUp

    " It shows people are worried about their own day-to-day worries."

    We have noticed this from observing our family members. We believe that they are coming to a realization that they are old and going to die. I believe this is the very first time that they have had to face this. No paradise is going to wisk them from all of their financial woes, aging and sickness. If you keep promising your children that "one day soon we will take you to Disney" and you say this year after year after year, eventually the kids will begin to think, "yeah sure ya will." The thrill and excitement is gone. NOW they are all stuck in an ageing body, dwindling bank accounts, living on minimum social security and no promised Kingdumb. You can hear it in their voices and see it on their faces. Sad!

  • anointed1


    You put nicely.

    If you’re in pain, I trust you agree that a “useful goal” would be to reduce and then eliminate your pain. That would be your own goal. But then, if you saw that others had similar pains, wouldn’t you conclude that another useful goal (of yours) – and assuming that you had a reasonable chance of achieving it – would be to help reduce the similar pains felt by others, to help your fellow humans?

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