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  • wednesday

    I think the people who join jws now, are the same people who get involved with lots of "get rick" quick stuff and pyrmid schmees, and even selling vitamins, . u can turn anything into a religion. health care, therapy, anything can become a religion. It is these people, people who are searching for an answer to "who am I" and "why am i here" idealistic people, who often fall for jws.

    If i were approached as an adult, i would have never joined jws. especially now that there is the internet, were u can research groups.

    now many years ago, as i am a third generation quasi jw, people did join b/c of doctrianl issures. it was very different, when my grandfather joiined. now they don't sell doctrinal issures so much, but 'better way of life" issures. duh, mormans have a nice way of life. What makes jws so special.

  • TheSilence

    i was raised as a witness and i do find the difference to be quite an interesting topic of conversation. however i would never deign to say that if i hadnt been raised a jw that i would never be one. one never knows where lifes roads may have taken us or what may have been different about us as individuals.


  • Brummie

    Overall this is quite a painful thread to read!

    I dont think people who join when they are adults always have a bad motive or are on a quick fix mission, they just wanted a hope, something to believe in. With the state of the world (as projected by every JW to people on the doors) they grasped a short straw. Its easy to trust someone who stands with a Bible in their hands, who would expect them to be telling lies? They call so regular that they are bound to catch people in a vulnerable state of mind.

    I knew nothing else from the age of 7 so cant really say how someone who joined as an adult would feel. But after supporting many adults who joined later in life, it seems to me their trauma is identicle.

    Plus people who have never been JWs but have come out of abusive religion or relationships can identify with the exjw plight, a lot of things are exactly the same. Like we can identify with exmormons etc. I speak to people who have been in abusive marragies and trying to help them see the abuse is very similar to trying to help a JW see how the Watchtower is abusing them. Seems to me that we are all in the same boat and none of us are consistently wise throughout our lives.

    My 1p

    Good thread animal, contains triggers too.


  • animal

    Triggers make you think.... then you can act, rather than react. When you act, you grow. When you react, you go backwards.


  • sf

    "I dont need help, I own Harleys:)"

    How 'bout that new 'V-ROD'? Gorgeous, isn't She?

    I layed my eyes on ones the other day, in the flesh. Need I say what my body went through?

    Incidently, thank you for the cam photos! It is fun to WITNESS exjws living outside The Lie.

    sKally, Jesse James fanatic!

  • rebel

    I think you are being very hard on those of us that joined as adults.

    Where was the information 15, 20, 30 or so years ago? I'll tell you what outside info I had - diddly! I couldn't have known half of what I know now when I first became a JW.

    Do you REALLY think I was told about DAing, DFing, shunning policies, the elite (elders, MS, Pioneers, Bethelites etc) and the untouchables (ME!!!) , the down-treatment of women etc etc?????? Do you think the sister I studied with told me all the bad things? Of course not. I was told that this was the one true religion, they had the answers to everything, I could see the world in beautiful conditions one day, I would see my dead loved ones again. I was vulnerable and sick at the time. I was even sicker when I became a fully-fledged JW. Some of us have lived through nightmares. JWs don't have the monopoly on shitty lives, you know. My life was crap as a child and didn't get much better as I got older. Other people and religions have their problems too - JWs are NOT the ONLY people on this earth involved in creepy, cultish practices.

    Some of us were stupid enough to go from the frying pan into the fire. I was one of them. Please don't crucify me for it - I have enough remorse to last me a lifetime.


  • Valis

    rebel I don't see anyone getting crucified here...that's the thing isn't it? JWs never like being told they are wrong and so it goes truth=persecution......You may not have had the information about all the bad stuff, but you still had the abillity to think for yourself. I mean really...what bad luck to hook up w/the JWs when there are all kinds of other choices out there for those that need a spiritual connection in their lives? I am a firm believer in the "buy your ticket, take your ride" principle...its just a good thing we can be here for you when the roller coaster stops. Take care rebel and be of good cheer dear...


    District Overbeer

  • animal

    Who is judging? We are discussing.....


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