Apparently, I'm (NOT) famous!

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  • TerryWalstrom

    Starbucks conversation today...

    "Oh my god! I recognize you!"

    I looked around.
    Who was it talking? And who were they talking to?

    "You-you're Graham somebody...AIR SUPPLY...the tall one."

    Two men were pointing at me. Each took a turn "recognizing" me.

    "Say wuh?" I responded articulately.

    "My god--you guys were our favorites! Sorry, can't think of the last name. It's Graham something or something Graham."

    I was bewildered but not struck dumb.

    "Telly Graham, perhaps?"

    "No. No, that's doesn't sound right."
    What else could I do but play along?
    "Well Billy Graham just died--so that can't be me."

    "Hitchcock? No--that's the other guy. I know it's Graham something or something Graham."

    I shrugged.
    "Let me go look it up on Google." I offered generously.
    I did.
    They were right!
    It was me!
    "Graham Russell?"

    They lept jubilantly at this as though I'd won the Gold in South Korea.

    "Yessss! Oh, this is so exciting!"

    I nodded: "For me as well!"

    For the next five or ten minutes, all three of us reminisced about Air Supply and what a fine job I'd done.

    I discovered I'd been in Jesus Christ Superstar as well!
    What an illustrious career I uncovered in the course of their bubbling admirations.

    "What in the world are you doing HERE of all place?"

    I pouted my lips and scratched my head pondering the imponderable.

    "Think of it this way: everybody--no matter who they are--has to be someplace. Right? Well--I'm here."

    This struck them as sensible and their enthusiastic nodding continued way longer than necessary.

    "Can we buy your drink for you?"

    "Yes! I definitely think that you should."

    And they did.

    Glad I could make their day.
    THE REAL ME at my daughter's graduation
    Image may contain: 3 people, including Terry Edwin Walstrom and Leslie Rosen Walstrom, people smiling

    ( the tall one on the right is the FAMOUS not me.)

  • sparrowdown

    Oh yeah...I sorta see it.

    Cute family btw or are they fake as well 🤔 lol just kidding.

  • LV101

    Nice photos -- congrats to your cute daughter. She looks so young -- University of TX - woohoo!

  • jaydee

    I've been mistaken for the smaller fatter one before....

    well, they're half right I guess....

  • HappyDad

    Dayum! You do look alike. And congrats for being with your daughter on her big day. Daughters are wonderful.!

  • smiddy3

    Your daughter and the other girl look so much alike ?

    Are you sure you don`t moonlight on air supply ? You could milk a lot of free drinks out of that surely .

    PS .I like the Aussie connection with the backdrop.

  • carla

    I totally see it! what a great story! hope you had fun with it.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Great pic of you and your daughter and the other lady, Terry! Is that a recent photo?

  • Finkelstein

    The similarities between you guys are obvious, funny story Terry

  • JaniceA

    You are better looking, but I can see why they were mistaken.

    Your daughter is lovely. I hope you enjoyed your free coffee!

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