Many ex Jw`s have suggested they were ostracised for having full time Jobs ,that`s not my experience .

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  • LongHairGal


    You can say that again about single brothers not being held to the same standard if they held a full time job like I did! I knew I wasn’t going to marry anybody there - so I kept working and ignoring remarks.

    I got the full brunt of it I think because when I became a JW the average woman in the religion was like a ‘Stepford wife’. It was a 1950s mentality and they were in a time warp. I, not having been raised a JW and in the workforce, was very much in reality about the world.

    Alas, many of these older JWs with the cushy lives who preached poverty (and who made sure I was not invited to gatherings) have passed away. If they were still living, I would track them down and let them know I am retired because I did NOT listen to Witness bullshit. I guess I’ll never get the satisfaction of doing that...I have, however, told it to a few JWs my age. They didn’t like what I said. Too bad.

    The JW religion cannot be forgiven for its policies and the hateful attitudes and judgmentalism they engendered in the congregations.

    With all the changes there, I’m glad I’m OUT because I’d never tolerate all their appeals for money. JWs should be ashamed..Nothing more than panhandling as far as I’m concerned. 👎🏻

  • tiki

    Well from personal a single then married woman with a full-time job.....I was subjected to criticism for " not putting kingdom interests first"....for being "materialistic" and whatever else.....but I had tried and failed at the Pioneer thing and the poverty route. I hated the poverty route and determined I'd rather work and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and to hell with the naysayers.

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