Watchtower Spies and Secret Agents

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  • TerryWalstrom

    I'm posting this link:
    Once you start reading it you won't be able to stop.
    Fascinating and well-documented citations which give credibility to the belief that such a sneaky, underhanded, and often illegal practice has been secretly promoted for decades by WatchTower Society World Headquarters.

  • zeb


    This massive work makes a total mockery of the teaching that they are honest and not involved with governments.

    The 'theocratic warfare' or lies by intent came up at the ARC and top officials of the wt denied knowing anything of it.

  • sparrowdown

    Wow, that's quite some reading and digesting, thanks Terry.

  • Iamallcool


  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    A very interesting read Terry. I have to say as a elder for 25 years I don't ever remember any spying going on in the congregation by other elders. Not saying this did not happen but I was not aware of any. I can say when certain CO's visited our congregation they would go into a questioning session on certain individuals who walk away. Before I was appointed a elder in 1986 I remember hearing about how some elders would spy on so called wrong doer's trying to catch them in the act. Perhaps it was going on in a clandestine way by those in a higher up position such as CO's and they used the elders to reach their objective by the time I was a elder.

    I do remember a CO telling our body of elders not to go after those who walk away from the organization but I was waking up at the time and I thought this was a way to keep the elders in the dark about the truth about the truth. Again I am not saying this was not happening I am just saying I was not aware of it going on this extensively and prehaps I just to naive to see it. The real education of this cult came after I left. Good read. Thank you. Still Totally ADD

  • carla

    Thank you for posting this.

  • sparrowdown

    Re elder stalking I think WT's official policy would be carefuly worded to say it never happens but I've seen evidence of it too many times in too many congregations to know that it happens alright.

    Even if there is no evidence of it in your experience "absense of evidence is not evidence of absence"!

    I'm personally aware of elder stalking that was carried out on various individuals (and families) one was a guy that hadn't been baptized that long and was fading and attending a church in the area, in a smalltown with jdubs lurking around every other corner you can bet one of them will see you and the congregation will gossip about it. Everyone in the cong knew of both the fader's activities and the elder "sting" operation it was a big deal in the area, in fact two other brothers and a sister ended up followed the guy out!

    Another situation, another state, involved an XCO who slept with a prostitute so he could get a scriptural divorce, get reproved and remarry. The local body of his elder buddies helped him navigate the whole process and discredit his wife who believed (quite rightly) they were all in on it. Bethel sent out "undercover" brothers because the elders told the branch the CO's wife was in an "apostate ring" and they monitored and observed the sisters in that cong for months. It wasn't until a younger sister came forward and claimed the XCO and herself were having an affair did they turn their attention to the XCO. The most they did was disfellowship him and he was reinstated in six months so he got what he wanted afterall. The XCO's wife who is my friend and a nice person to boot was devasted by it all and is now a "marked woman" so to speak. Sounds far-fetched but I have first hand knowlege of these events they are "on the record."

    Oh it happens tho WT would deny it officially or in a court of law.

  • jp1692

    I doubt this is any kind of formal, organized thing. It’s just a bunch of wannabe-important, uneducated janitors and window washers that feel empowered by the cult’s insane rules that makes them believe that they have both the right and the duty to overstep appropriate boundaries and act in ways that violate the privacy of others.

    The worst part is that many of us allowed the elders to do this to us and to others when we were members.

    All I can say is this, if any elder tried following me or my family now they’d get a quick lesson in the laws of physics followed up with a restraining order.

    Let’s review: It’s a cult!

  • sparrowdown

    Elders don't operate in a vacuum. Cults are run top down. The top would know this sort of thing goes on and at the very least don't stop it, at worst covertly encourage it.

  • Wakanda

    I've read so much eye-opening stuff about wt while in private/incognito mode that contributes to my total paranoia while on-line. But, then I forget when and where I read it, and think I'm going nuts more nuts.

    Thanks Terry, for reminding me where some of my reasons for being so vague. I read some pages from that site a couple years ago! chilling.

    I still think I"m not paranoid enough because, well, I'm not going to give them ideas. PM me if you want to know what I'm thinking.

    Uggh. Damn. PIMOs are so caught between a rock and a hard place.

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