Warwick -How much will it cost to build?

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  • JWdaughter
    When I first heard of the project, I thought that the whole thing would be much less than the Brooklyn properties would bring in. I'm looking at it though and it LOOKS expensive. Several large blocks of flats, the fancy dam nonsense, landscaping, hazardous waste cleanup, utilities to the boondocks. . . just the hardscaping would cost a flipping fortune. Can you imagine the driveway? In the boonies? Its not going to be a rutted dirt road or graveled. Road infrastructure and construction is $$$.
  • JWdaughter
    Oh, and if you think they aren't already hinting around for someone to provide a yacht or party barge or something similar for the pretty lake, then you are probably wrong. Unless watercraft is not allowed.
  • JRK

    It will cost every penny the brothers have.


  • JeffT
    I'm under the impression the dam is part of an environmental mitigation issue. I'll have to see if I can see where I found that.
  • TakeOffTheCrown

    Here is a photo of Warwick taken from the 2016 yearbook. It will take a lot of cash and volunteer labor to build this place.

    An aerial view of the construction in progress at the new world headquarters in Warwick, New York

  • respectful_observer

    To me the closest cost correlation is a university building project where they have both residential and office components, plus certain infrastructure needs (road access, parking garages, support facilities such as auto, physical plant, etc.).

    Any one element would typically run from the low millions (e.g., auto repair to parking garage $2-20 million) to mid-to-high millions (e.g., most larger scale housing runs $50 million+ these days and a mid-size office complex of this size would probably run in the $50-100 million range depending on complexity).

  • Vidiot

    WAR!... WICK!...

    xxx(good God!)

    What is it costing?

    xxx(way more than they thought!)

    Say it again, y'all...

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