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  • blondie

    Thanks everyone for your comments. It makes my efforts worthwhile, seeing your first thoughts as well. I hope this onslaught of haranguing and deceptive words eventually makes others wake up. That is what I had to go through to finally see the real light.

    As to how I withstand the WTS deceit, I think about people like myself before leaving. To see that they are not alone. I had cognitive dissonance before I knew what that phrase really meant. I would go home so confused seeing that at times the WTS seemed to know what was the Christian way to go, then after see almost no one attending actually doing it. Just judgmental people looking around at others and mentally listing their faults in others rather looking inward at themselves as the WTS deceitfully said. As Jesus told the Jews of his time, do what the religious leaders say (when quoting from the Torah) but not what they do in real life.

  • peacefulpete

    It also surprises me that you still expose yourself to this manipulative material after so many years. These people have become very efficient at thought control.

    The talk about rooting out violent thoughts and racism etc are wonderful and most agreeable ….but they then equate this behavior with thinking for yourself and 'questioning WT doctrine and policies. That's how manipulation is accomplished. This is 101 persuasion technique. Get the mind in a state of agreement then introduce the actual topic you want to influence the listener with. Equating violence and racism with wondering why the holidays are forbidden or why the blood policy keeps changing or the necessity of cutting off loved ones.

    The message is couched in words of compassion and love but the message ultimately is 'listen to us and ignore your questions' and if you are educated, then 'suppress the urge to challenge unsupported teaching and policies'. Labeling this as "ambitious and selfish self promotion".

  • blondie

    peacefulpete, don't worry about my being exposed again, I have a lifetime inoculation against their crap. Really! Doing this reminds me why I left. I was thoroughly out by the time I physically left. I used to do these comments while I was still attending (during the meeting!) I was combating the thoughts that were keeping me in. When I finally left, it was during a circuit assembly in the middle of the 3rd offensive talk. My husband followed me to the car, and I told him I was never going to a convention, assembly, meeting of any kind, funeral or visitation, baby/wedding shower, wedding or wedding reception where I would encounter jws and I have kept that promise. With magazines, I choose what I review either by topic of whether I am in the mood to jump into a shit pile. I just make sure I am protected completely in a hazmat suit. I realize that some jws and ex-jws get something good out of this, especially jws that still are attending for personal reasons (I don't sit in judgment having stayed too long at the dance myself).

    I have received personal messages from off the board readers who after several years of reading them have made the final decision to leave, mentally and physically, many as a couple and/or a family. So it does have some good for my readers. So I continue, shorter reviews and selected topics. I just did 2 reviews on the WTS policies regarding child sexual abuse. That was a personal journey for me having seen up close what the WTS really did and believed, not the lies for the non-jw public in their publications.

    I am glad that many ex-jws have persevered in the battle to end this, at personal pain and at times loss of family contact. These reviews do not compare at all to their efforts.

    Thanks for your concern about me, pete. But as I say, I am permanent inoculated against WTS deceit.


    Did you notice how the writers weasel in the words '' shortly after his baptism'' and '' eventually qualified to be an elder'' for the brother with a violent background the transformation to happen?

    But one evening, shortly after his baptism, he faced an unexpected test.

    Although his study of the Bible had helped him to suppress his violent tendencies, he had not yet been able to change his dominant mental attitude. In other words, he had not changed who he really was inside.

    With the help of the elders, he continued to make good progress. He eventually qualified to be an elder.

    Our brother had changed his dominant mental attitude. Deep within, he had been transformed into a peaceable, humble person​—all to Jehovah’s praise!

  • peacefulpete

    I'm sure many have benefitted.

  • keinlezard


    When I read it I think , And What about

    "Really God said you cannot transplant organs?" forbiden between 1968 and 1980

    "Really God said Beth Sarim .... " ... and all others thing that was "Truth" long time ago ...

    Best Regards

  • sir82

    The Awake masthead for decades, until 1995:

    This magazine builds confidence in the Creator's promise of a peaceful and secure new world before the

    generation that saw the events of 1914 pass away.

    (Bolding mine)

    So...let's apply this Watchtower article's reasoning.

    Did God really say that the generation that saw the events of 1914 would not pass away before Armageddon?

    Evidently not.

    That statement that appeared in every Awake magazine for decades was false.

    So who lied - God or the Watchtower Organization?

    If it was God, why should we worship him?

    If it was the organization, why should we trust them? What other words have they put in "the Creator's" mouth that are, or will be, demonstrably false?

  • SAHS

    “sir82”: So who lied - God or the Watchtower Organization? If it was God, why should we worship him?

    RIGHT ON!!

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