You Can See Me Dance The Polka Tra La La La.

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  • Englishman

    When Spencer Tracey’s genial Dr. Jekyll started to whistle “You can see me dance the polka” we all knew what was about to happen. Sure enough, within a minute or so, the hairs were growing on the back of his hands as the metamorphosis into the odious Mr. Hyde took effect.

    So, I’m wondering, what exactly are the warning signs that signify that a normally pleasant human being is about to turn into that most wearisome of creatures, you’ve guessed it, the self-righteous condemning and critical JW?

    I ask because of the impending visit of my Auntie Lou. She’s a lively, bonnie woman in her 70’s, full of beans and generous to a fault. She accompanies me to the pub – large whisky with a Babycham in it – several – and is much admired for her vigour and quick wit.

    Until, something ‘clicks’.

    Inevitably, sometime during her stay, something will occur or be said that makes her eyes glaze over, her chin will thrust forward as her mouth takes on a grim set. She will start to wag her finger slowly from side to side. She will say things like: “I am a servant of Jehovah the most high god! You are in a disfellowshipped state and deserving of death because you have turned your back on Jehovah!”

    Now it’s quite easy to flip the switch back to normal mode and I’m a lot thicker skinned these days, so I just ask her if she’d like a cup of tea – with a wee dram of Glenfiddich Auntie? – and it’s as though she has never even said those awful things. Unfortunately, on the last 2 occasions, we’ve had friends present as well, so they now think that Auntie Lou is totally nuts, ban her from the house!

    It’s not just Auntie Lou either. Last week my ‘Dub in the pub’ pal exhibited the same eyes glazing over symptoms, and I’ve seen it on countless other occasions.

    So, what is it that happens? Is there some word that triggers this behaviour in witnesses, is it some sort of stressor in certain situations? Are some witnesses in effect a ‘sleeper’, like in the Manchurian Candidate, programmed to erupt under a specific mental stimulant?

    One of the factors that I’ve noticed is that Auntie Lou’s outbursts may well be tied in with her watching the TV news prior to her performing, for some reason it’s almost as though she holds me responsible for all that’s not well in the world.

    Maybe I’m being a little paranoid!


  • joelbear

    I think its demon possession.

    pentagramic hugs


  • VeniceIT

    well it's caused by a 'thought stopping technique'! This is instilled in all JW's, when suddenly something is going to make them think, they must stop that. It is a tenique that is used by many mind control cults/groups. It usually is followed by chanting of some kind, such as 'I belive this is Jehovah's Org.' or some similar thing. Your right you can see their eye's glaze over all the sudden, kinda scary like.


  • slipnslidemaster

    Maybe you have stumbled across some post hypnotic trigger word that has been implanted during the Watchtower study.

    You should tape record your conversations to find out what it is.

    . o O (slipnslidemaster)

  • cecil

    Hi "Englander".

    The 'sleeper'-thing sounds interesting. This turning into a

    self-righteous condemning and critical JW

    could IMO be triggered by certain words or certain experiences.

    One of the situations could be, when they should start independant thinking and simply can't get themselves to do that. They are afraid of independant thinking. Like a computer-system, that is about to break down or get lost in a loop - for them its "back to mama". Suddenly they talk in a way that is completely different from what they normally would do. They use different words and change into JW self-defense-mode. Sometimes triggered by a simple question you have asked. You may be their best friend, but if you ask the wrong question - bad luck...

    Another situation (trigger) coulde be something they experience. They talk to/meet 'worldly' persons, or maybe even df'ed or da'ed family-members. Suddenly they realize, that these people are quite normal, nice human beings. Loving mothers, fathers, daughters and sons. But stop! They are not supposed to be that way. If you're df'ed or da'ed you probably will have to hear that you are

    deserving of death because you have turned your back on Jehovah!

    And if you simply happen to be a non-JW, you will hear that if you do not become a JW in time, you'll die in Armageddon.

    The wording may be different from case to case. 'Modern' JW's may express themselves different from your Auntie Lou - but they are still 'triggered' to behave in a certain way.


  • Englishman


    I take your point. If I read you correctly, you are saying that JW's sort of slip into "automatic transmission" under certain circumstances?


  • Thirdson


    Your post on the behaviour of JW's and the programmed attitudes reminded me of an old Star Trek episode where Kirk and the gang have to deal with a robotic probe intent on cleansing the Universe of the imperfect. Spock overloads its brain with logic and convinces the robot that it is imperfect and thus should kill itself.

    Just be careful with Auntie Lou, don't overdo the logic and reasoning.



    'To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing'

  • Mr Magoo
    Mr Magoo


    Actually my wife did go into that "deprogrammed mmode or what ever".

    We were watching a documentary about a org. here in Denmark. The org. run several schools here, and have aid projects going all over the world. The problem is that these projects are used to move money between accounts so they don't have to pay any taxes.

    They, for example, have had a large number of clothe containes for people to but their old clothes in. These clothes was then to be sendt to e.g. Africa. The org. paid their travelling workers - or so the IRS thought. The mony was never given to the tw but just moved over to another acount in the org.

    There was another story about a very large farm, (in Brazil - I think), where a small part of the workers sallary was used for insurance. But again the "insurance" money went straight down the org. pockets. Several people had been badly injured working on the farm, but since there was no insurance there lifes relied on what help they could get from e.g. the neighbours.

    Oh my - I must get to the point.

    As we were watching the telly, she started to defend the org.!!! I was very surprised, but then I thought it might have someting to do with her beeing a JW.

    It's simply something she has been used to all her life!

    This "evil system" just wants to destry "good" organizations like the WTBTS and should therefore not be trusted.

    Whats your oppinion of this.

    Mr Magoo

  • Lindy

    Hi Englishman,
    The clue is "TV News Programs". I remember watching the stuff on the news and relating all the bad things to the "time of the end". So your Auntie is doing the same thing. This thinking kicks in the "JW" thinking and then that kicks in the fact that you are on the "outs" and she needs to remind you that you will die if you don't get your butt back in. In her mind and JW taught thinking she is being loving to you. The solution is simple...don't let your aunt watch any news while she is there and don't discuss anything along the lines of what she would consider "negative" world or local bad new. No disasters, robberies, muggings, earthquakes, deaths, or other trigger words. Let other quests know not to get Auntie started on these subjects and everything should be fine!
    Just kidding of course, because there are other triggers that will kick her off, like her seeing you associating with "worldly" people, and many other factors. Jw's look for things to be wrong so that they can be righteous. They have to, in order to reinforce what they are taught is correct dispite their inner feelings of doubt. They have to balance out the doubts or they could go crazy or wake from the JW stupor. Its called cognitive dissonance.
    I remember after I left how different news items would trigger the need to "seek Jehovah" and return out of fear of being destroyed. Every earthquake was a biggie for me. Now, I realized, while I was wrting this, that I saw a whole news story last night on the men that recently got injured, and some were killed, while in an active volcano doing research, and no one single moment did I think of the world ending or did I get that fear thing in the pit of my stomache! Wow! There is a life after JWdom and you do get deprogramed!

    The best to you and your family and friends with your visit from your aunt.

  • Stephanus

    Your post on the behaviour of JW's and the programmed attitudes reminded me of an old Star Trek episode where Kirk and the gang have to deal with a robotic probe intent on cleansing the Universe of the imperfect. Spock overloads its brain with logic and convinces the robot that it is imperfect and thus should kill itself.

    Actually it was Kirk who used the logic, to Spock's amazement.

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