Jehovah's Witnesses charity drops attempts to block abuse inquiry

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  • NikL
  • kpop

    WOW! This is wonderful news! I can't believe that I am now cheering for the JW cult to collapse but here I am!

  • Simon
    Although charities do sometimes challenge the commission’s decisions in court, the extent and length of the Jehovah’s Witnesses litigation were unprecedented in recent times, a commission spokesman told the Guardian last year.

    This, utterly damning.

  • Crazyguy

    The paper mentioned the dropping of a production order by the commission, so does anyone know what this means?

  • menrov

    Crazyguy, as I read it, it means that the commission is not demanding anymore that the WBTS provides all documents. Which could mean that WBTS will only submit selected (screened) documents and not all. The article does not give the reason for the decision by the commission to drop the production order.

  • Giordano
    Thomas Beale, of AO Advocates, who last year won a civil case that found the Jehovah’s Witnesses had failed to protect a woman from sexual abuse that began when she was four, said the commission’s decision to drop its production order could allow the charity to withhold further information.
    “Of course we welcome the ongoing statutory inquiry into Jehovah’s Witnesses’ safeguarding policies and look forward to reviewing its findings,” he said.
    “However, given our experience with Jehovah’s Witnesses in litigation, we struggle to see how a thorough and robust investigation can occur now that the Charity Commission has decided to revoke its production order. We think the chance of full disclosure now by the Jehovah’s Witnesses is very small.”

    From not really a win more like a compromise.

  • steve2

    Fay Maxted, the chief executive of the Survivors Trust, said the WTBTS should apologise to those affected for the “appalling delays” caused by its litigation.

    “Faith groups need to really take on board the huge damage and pain caused to victims and survivors when appeal after appeal is pursued in an attempt to prevent them from having to share information,” she said. “It is very difficult in such circumstances to believe that the best interests of the victim or survivor are in any way being considered.”

    Maxted said she hoped the decision to share information with the commission signalled a change in their approach to the needs of victims and survivors.

    In a report full of damning statements by various spokespeople about the Watchtower's delay tactics, the comments by Ms Maxted are especially poignant and call into question JW organization's claims to be the sole channel of "truth" and to have itself damned the churches of Christendom for their appalling record of child sexual abuse cover-ups..

  • Fe2O3Girl

    I wonder how much shredding has been done at Mill Hill in the last year?

  • UnshackleTheChains

    I don't think we will see anything quite like the Australian Royal commissions investigations into WT policies re safeguarding here in the UK; but the charity commissions efforts, 'I believe' are noble and will no doubt have an impact on Watchtower policy when it comes to safeguarding of children and adults within the organisation.

    That, I welcome!!

  • ignored_one
    I wonder how much shredding has been done at Mill Hill in the last year?

    Turns out the big complex they were building was really just a massive shredder. ;)

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