Received a YouTube Hate Message

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  • cappytan

    Jehovah's Witnesses are such loving people with Christian personalities, are they not?

    (PS, yes, I have a YouTube channel.)

  • GrownMidget
    "Name of the Lord"? Organization is the one taking the name and slamming it all around. We can only talk about what they use, since they made up the name "Jehovah's Witnesses". How is it misuse since we didn't even implement it?

    Anyway, this guy is "weak in faith" since he's on your videos to begin with. You can always see that these who blame apostates/faders are the ones with most guilt and that they are not happy in the situation they are in. Organization just gives them a way to let out their hate (burn those witch apostates!!) that builds up over the years from being unsure about your future.

    I hope this individual will find his peace because the situation is not healthy in long run.
  • Simon

    To be fair, the internet is full of nuts who feel brave insulting strangers from afar - I suspect the proportion of the truly obnoxious twats that are JWs is actually quite low and they don't represent all JWs just as some moron ex-JW being an ass somewhere doesn't represent us.

    I get insults and actual threats every so often. Some nutter will show up, want to post drivel or hateful crap and then get all heated up when it's removed. Sometimes it's difficult to make out what they are even upset about - I think a lot just have mental issues.

    I think some people actually read stuff, are convinced by it but get angry and lash out because they can't cope with the truth. It's probably similar to people who want to beat up gays because they hate the fact that they are possibly gay themselves.

  • tim3l0rd

    Hey Simon, your own post was marked NC-17. Funny!

  • freemindfade
    Angry people make me laugh
  • Simon

    Oops, my potty mouth

    They are funny and sad both at the same time.

  • username
    Welcome to youtube, where all the nuts go to reside. YouTube has a policy of non censoring comments, yet they systematically copyright strike video's that could be deemed damaging when in fact the video's they do strike are actually fact!
  • freemindfade
    let me rephrase, angry "internet" people make me laugh.
  • ToesUp

    I guess he/she asked themselves..."what would Jesus do?" lol

    This world (especially the JW's) is jam packed full of crazy/hateful people. Have a good laugh. I have to do that occasionally in my business.

    If it makes you feel better Cappy, we love you. Rock on!

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    ok... these guys piss me off, unfortunately, if you're into watching lots of apostate vids on youtube, this type of reaction is far more common than one would think; One thing I love about the youtuber JwFairytale, is he actually makes videos, answering, or mocking these abusive people, or analyzing their ridiculous objections to his video content, hilarious to watch.

    ok, I need to have some fun with this person's comments.

    Shame on you apostate:

    Just because JW's are a 'shame' based culture, doesn't mean the whole world gives a fuck about their psuedo authority to dish out shame willy nilly...

    You are to be pitied.

    if you are to be pitied why is that 'apparently compassionate statement' IMMEDIATELY followed by an abusive attitude that is the complete opposite of pity?

    you are a FILTHY liar;

    as opposed to a CLEAN, PRISTINE liar?

    I will be happy when you are shunned by the faithful ones

    hmmm I thought shunning was supposed to be a loving arrangement, not an arrangement that was put in place to 'make the congregation members feel HAPPY'

    Let me tell you, your life WILL be ruined

    is that another Borg prophecy? their track record for prophecy fulfillment is about, well, 0% success rate, I think you're gonna be okay. (and who the hell says things like 'let me tell you', before making a statement, he sounds like he pulled that line straight out of a JW bible drama about pharaoh)

    You don't 'DESERVE' to be in God's congregation...

    Does anybody DESERVE to be in the congregation? oh ok, this JW must have been late that meeting when they read the scripture that said anyone born into sin 'DESERVES DEATH', oh and the other one that talks about people being saved because of 'UN-DESERVED' kindness..... someone probably needs to remind this JW who just loves to condemn others via scathing monologues that he doesn't deserve anything either...

    so don't take the lord's name in vain;

    erm well that's going to be a bit difficult, because nobody actually knows what the Lord's bloody real name is anyway, so you can say all you want about Jeehooboo, it ain't the lords name (oops, or perhaps it IS Jeehooboo, oh oh)

    Get out and REPENT:

    ok, this must be a JW giving advice, because the whole of the rest of the entire population of the ENTIRE EARTH would usually say, 'get out and HAVE FUN man', but no, 'get out and repent' this has to be a JW speaking ... I don't even know what 'get out and repent' even means anyway..

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