If you read the bible w/out instruction, what would you think?

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  • Xanthippe

    TTWSYF, when you think eternal life depends on pleasing God according to the monotheistic religions that follow the Bible, Judaism, Christianity and Islam to some extent, why is this book so confusing? Should you be worshipping Allah, Yarweh or the Lord Jesus? Is it a heavenly hope, does hell exist, will paradise come to earth? Surely a matter so important should be presented clearly and unambiguously. Unless of course it's simply a book of stories.

  • Giordano

    I always have to remind myself that the WTBTS was based on the nonsense of the 19th century. It has remained ever so.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    And 19th century nonsense was based on fourth century Roman nonsense which in turn was drawn from first century anti Gnosticism developed from Greek thinking and Jewish monotheism and messianic triumphalism nonsense and before that pure pagan son of Sun God saviour nonsense characters who like Jesus, all went to heaven at the spring equinox.

    The key is to realize that we are not dealing with fact but time honoured myth instead.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    "the bible" is a name of a "book" that we all use and throw around. However, it is one of those few words where we grant too much to it. "Bible" is a word without any definite meaning.

    Which translation? Why?

    Which master texts is it based on? Why?

    What texts were the master texts based on? And how were variants handled and why?

    What texts are considered canon and what was not? Why?

    Interpretation of whatever phrases are in their Bible of choice is what actually matters the most. Yet most Christians and especially JWs deny that the Bible is open for interpretation, and they also categorically deny that any of their teachings are "interpretations". "Scripture interprets scripture" "Interpretations belong to God"

    oh lordy

  • baker

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1fAeRXn6aM&list=PL6GPAb4DHASNDo7uipGxKOBNrIKadKLjI This non sense continues throughout all society, to force behavior toward a bible, that even if you disagree and are diff,d you are denied rights to see your family, which i think in barbarian. Is this cult it is just as bad as the JW,s, maybe worse cause it is so tiny, thy can watch your every move(click) on the computer.

  • Steel

    I have a cousin and an uncle who both have Bachelors of the theological studies from very liberal and secular universities before heading to bible school and becoming pastors.

    They have told me there is some very common misconceptions in the bible.

    1. It's not easy to understand

    2. Large parts aren't very nice.

    3 It's not all about Jesus.

    4. Large portions are open for interpretation , especially Daniel and Revelations.

    5. Any group that builds core dogma around revelations is dangerous or claims they know what it all means.

    6.Studying scripture academically doesn't make you a Christian but it is important to know you are talking about.

    7. Differences of opinion over minor dogma is alright.

    8. The WTS is laughable in academic circles and dangerous in evangelical ones.

    It's really fun to talk bible with trained professionals despite what you believe about the Bible.

  • Saename

    I'd be wondering why the hell the God of the Old Testament is completely different from the God of the New Testament... (bipolar disorder?)

  • Steel


    I use to live in a town of 1000 people that was 20 percent exclusive brethren. Imagine the most Uber jehovah witness you know times ten. Strange ducks.

    They actually owned a number of businesses in the communities and each one would have two coffee rooms so they wouldn't have to eat with the unbelievers.

    I actually took my son out ice skating at an outdoor rink on the edge of town which I believed was the communities. Later two very stern men dressed in black showed up and asked us to leave. The ice belonged to the brethren church.

    Also knew this couple new to the community and were looking for a church. So one Sunday morning they just walked into the brethren church and 150 heads turned and two very stern looking men asked them to leave. It's was a very creepy experience for them.

  • Darkknight757

    Atheism or humanism.

    Atheist: because you'll see quite quickly that the Bible isn't scientifically nor historically accurate so if God wrote the Bible why did he get so many things wrong?

    Humanist: because you see all the hell God does to humans and you strive to never be like that.

  • Heaven

    Saename said: I'd be wondering why the hell the God of the Old Testament is completely different from the God of the New Testament... (bipolar disorder?)

    Yahweh was a god of war and wrought ugly, abusive things against many people. Isaiah 45:7 - KJV says he created evil as well. The Hebrews thought of God as being all things, both good and bad.

    Logically this does not fit with the claims that he is the 'loving' Heavenly Father. So a new, better, less abusive god was created in Jesus.

    Remembering that these 2 myths were created thousands of years apart also lends to the conclusion that religious beliefs evolve. They are adapted and often exaggerated over time to fit with new ways of thinking.

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