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  • Sabin
    What do you really believe the percentage is for JW who are truly ignorant of what is going on behind closed doors of the W.T. as opposed to those who actually know something is wrong & yet go along with it for whatever reason? I have been asked for coffee by what I can only describe as one of the sweetest persons I have ever known & I cant even begin to conceive that she knows what is happening with the child abuse cases but then how do I know? I don't cause for most of us there is the fear that we will be found out & punished so we say what we have to, to protect ourselves. What is your opinion on this?
  • Ding

    I hope I'm wrong, but I think the vast majority of JWs believe that the WTS is the cleanest organization on earth and that its faults are minor. They don't know about the pedophilia and if they heard about it they would consider the accusations to be satanic lies and plug up their ears. Even if they knew about serious problems at their own KH, they would consider it to be a problem unique to their own congregation and wait on Jehovah to straighten it out. Whatever the elders did or didn't do about it, they would consider to be under "direction of holy spirit."

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    I've thought about that quite often Sabin. It's hard to say, but once a person starts learning the nasty secrets of the WT, it doesn't take long to either stop completely or do very little. If a person is still attending all meetings and still active in field service, then they are still ignorant, which I believe is the higher percentage, Perhaps 90 percent ignorant and 10 percent on the verge of waking up. 10% doesn't sound like a lot but that is about 800,000 worldwide that "might" be on the verge of waking up. And it's gonna get better as time goes on and more exposure works its way into the organization

  • vinman

    Ding said: "the vast majority of JWs believe that the WTS is the cleanest organization on earth"

    I agree with that for the most part, especially in developing countries. It is a difficult question for a number of reasons. Each congregation has what is known as the "core". In a congregation of 100 that may only be 30 or so. These are the ones who support service regardless of weather, are ALWAYS at meetings. ALWAYS have several comments at meetings. These are the true blue. However, the majority of this "core", even if you tell them you can prove that the organization is lying from their own publications, will refuse to even listen out of fear all their hopes will be shattered. I know this because that is precisely what happened to me. Many who stopped by at the early stage of my leaving, said " we probably shouldn't know", after I told them that what I read was tragic and it takes a strong heart to handle. These refuse to see, because they know they will leave eventually due to doubt. Out of that "core" of say 30, you may have just one who is a realist and does not want to rest his hopes on dreams. He believes it is God's organization in a special way today (not like the corrupt Israelites), meaning it truly is refined, pure, and that is why people are "coming to the mountain of Jehovah" in these "last days". This you can say is the TRUE BELIEVER in every way. This type is actually rare. They are the "Goliaths" of the organization. Ironically, it is this type we want to target, because once they are no longer ignorant, they will fall in an instant, due to overwhelming disappointment. That was me. This type is also so consumed with "responsibilities" that they haven't had time to see or even think about these things. They are truly blind. So in other words, very few want to leave, except young people who never viewed it as the truth to begin with.

  • millie210

    Before I went through something negative personally I was in the 90%.

    It wasnt that I didnt know bad things were out there...I just thought they were trumped by all the good AND I had an automatic "excuse" in my head for it all based loosely on the nation of Israel and all the imperfect leaders and how Jehovah loved people who were faithfu in spite of it all.

    Like the widow who gave the mite at the temple...if she was old and faithful, she had to know things werent right...Jesus was making it quite clear and there was a lot of buzz.

    But she kept on keeping on "trusting in Jehovah".

    So that was my mental defense.

    The problem with it was I had NO one who could guarantee me that the Org. of today had anything whatsoever to do with the Jews or the temple or Jesus or even that widow.

    Nothing except their word.

    Which turned out to be as useless as Confederate money after the war.

    And that was the one thing I had never thought about....they only have themselves to back up what they are saying.

  • Saintbertholdt

    While I was a Jehovah's Witness I had no clue about the UN association, the Child abuse scandal (which was just beginning to break in the media), Malawi/Mexico, anything of significance about what had been taught before 1950 (Except that "yeah they even celebrated Christmas back in the day, ha ha"). I didn't know that there were Governing Body members who had left or were forced to leave, I really didn't know who the governing body members were except for Knorr and Henschel, I couldn't have imagined the Watchtower having significant financial long term investments, I was fuzzy how the blood doctrine had changed. I didn't know the baptism questions had been dramatically altered over the decades, 1975 was a storm in a teacup and I didn't know about 1914 (the Armageddon prediction), 1915, 1918, 1925, 1935, 1941 etc. The list is endless.

    When I was a JW and even for a couple of years after I left the organization, I would never have read anything anti-Watchtower and would never have visited an ex-JW website.

    I considered myself a well informed individual.

  • mynameislame
    Not sure if this tells you anything or not but when I was in, I knew a girl who's father molested her and her sister. When the dad took the family and moved away the two sisters drew straws to see who was going to move with them to protect the youngest sister. The dad was privately reproved for his actions. Just to be clear he was in no way a model JW but he wasn't disfellowshipped either.
  • Phizzy

    99.99% of the active 8 Mill or so JW's have no clue that there is anything wrong, the remaining very small minority is made up of some who have a grasp of TTATT and are waiting to get out, perhaps when their loved ones are ready to go with them, and others who have a vague feeling all is not right, but cannot put their finger on it.

    Put simply, 8 Million plus are clueless.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    " They don't know about the pedophilia "

    i dont suppose most dubs even know what the word means-----or--think it means loving children----the same as loving horses or strawberry ice cream.

  • LostGeneration

    Way up there 97 to 99%.

    "Where else will you go?"

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