Who the JW's governing body USED to be! 😂😂😂😂

by BoogerMan 10 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • ThomasMore

    "They have spent the last 23 years clawing back all control."

    Well put ST G!

    It practically broke Knorr.

    F Franz was against it. R Franz was for it.

    It was a power struggle of the sandlot variety and it took decades to award control to the few GBers. Wrestling the F&D title from non-GB was a walk in the park compared to the politics of Bethel.

    I recall a very weird Blite once telling me that he longed for the days of the strong Bethel President. (He was referring to Knorr)

    I said it was the worst arrangement conceivable (oooops!). He gave me a look that would make Hitler afraid. But the chariot was on my side (at the time at least). Now the GB are gods and I would be DF'd for speaking out against them.

    So maybe it wasn't the THE WORST arrangement ever.

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