A Little Game

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  • SYN

    LOL, you beat me to it Abaddon!

  • anti-absolutism

    I picked Djibouti, and it screwed EVERYTHING right up. Animal starting with "i" anyone? I want to keep playing.!!!!

  • JH

    iguana, keep on playing.

  • ignored_one


    Has someone been listening to a bit too much Mark and Lard?


    Ignored One.

  • email

    Koala in Denmark eating an Apple

  • mouthy

    After running to get my calculator ( I was kicked out cos I couldnt work out 607-1914 so what you think I can work with out a calculator?) & low & behold I am normal!!!!!!! Denmark-Kangeroo-Orange--->>>>walking with my head down pondering " why did they say I was like Korah!!! ????I am like the rest of these folks on board NORMAL!!!!!<<<<<<<<<<I am going to write to bethel & tell them I have new light

  • SpannerintheWorks
    Animal starting with "i" anyone?

    Indian elephant, mouse, cat, snake, dog etc., etc.,...


  • SpiceItUp

    Lets see...

    I got a Cat eating a Tomato in Dominican Republic

    There are only a few responses that can be made with one as almost an obvious one and thats why I think its a 2% or a 98% chance.

    I have to say that those (not only cause I'm in the 2%) that don't pick the normal aren't your average thinkiers to begin with.....

    And if anyone can make sense of the point I am trying to make you should put yourself in that 2% as well


    Abandon and Syn,

    I was there with the both of you. You BOTH beat me too it. LOL

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie

    Elephant in France, eating a Tangerine.

    Just call me Ms. 2%!

    I like these kinds of things. There's nothing "dull" about it, in my opinion. Statistical probability related to human behavior is fascinating. Of COURSE it's manipulative, but it couldn't very well be so if there weren't some relative absolutes in how people make choices given specifically constructed parameters.

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