Clarification about two witness rule please .

by jhine 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • blondie

    Jehovah’s moral standards = 2 people of the opposite sex who stay overnight without a chaperone are guilty of fornication/adultery. There are not 2 eyewitnesses yet under WTS doctrine, these people can be disfellowshipped. But if the circumstances were the same but during the day = not disfellowshipped, because we know sex never happens during the day, right?

    See current elder's mannual

  • Vidiot

    @ blondie...

    Don't forget that the rank-and-file simply cannot be trusted to not completely lose control, tear off all their clothes, and start f**king furiously, the moment they're left unchaperoned.


    Seriously, though, I honestly think this is partly the reason the Org always portrayed faithful JW young people as looking so bland...

    ...they didn't want any of them to find each other physically attractive.

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