how many former jehovahs witnesses are there from merseyside

by dannywalsh 9 Replies latest jw experiences

  • dannywalsh

    hi guys i posted on this forum a couple of months ago to find out how many ex jws there are from my region, i am interested to find out how many have left the witnesses and perhaps start a support group for ex jws in our area

  • Simon

    We're a bit out of the Mersyside area but not too far away - Manchester (well, just past Warrington)

    We have meetups from time to time if you're interested - nothing fancy, a sunday afternoon in the pub

  • dannywalsh

    yeah that sounds cool simon ,are there many ex jws from the north west that meet up with u

  • SammyJoUK

    Hey Danny

    I am in the other pool.. blackpool.. and I am part of ex jw Meet Up, but without a car manchester is too far for me to come.. ( i have a disabled wife that I have to be here for)

    Nice to see yet another Uk person about..

    Take care


  • Sargon

    Merseyside?? Isn't that the land of the Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers?

  • dannywalsh

    sure is ,funny that you should mention the beatles as i worked round the corner from penny lane and strawberry fields and the house were john lennon was raised was practically right opposite were i worked on menlove avenue plus my mum dated the beatles first manager alan williams when they were called the silver beetles many years ago

  • nightwarrior


    Guess you have hit the jackpot,as i used to live in liverpool many years ago, (TOXTETH ) Area, but i wasnot a witness untill i moved to London,where abouts in the pool are you from ,

    yes we live in london,

    Knew a few gangsters from the toxteth area, throw a few worldly names at me ,as we may know the same people

  • dannywalsh

    i used to work in park road post office in 1995 and remember the shooting of david ungi , do u know grenville braithwaite , he was involved in the toxteth riots before becoming a jw though i dont think hes one know though im not sure

  • ISP

    I'm from Manchester. I know an ex JW in the 'pool area.....Searchforthetruth..........hes not been too well of late, though.


  • searchfothetruth

    I live in Liverpool. I also support Liverpool.

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