Who will be resurrected? The righteous and the unrighteous

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  • sparky1

    I still have one of those 'puffy pirate shirts' from the late 1980's. If I wear it sometime and happen to die or be killed, will I be resurrected in it?

  • Vidiot
    eyeuse2badub - "...the Bible is truly an 'old fiddle' on which any tune can be played..."

    Pretty sure that a really creative individual could find "Biblical" justification for pogo-sticking naked under a full moon if he tried hard enough. :smirk:

  • Tenacious

    Scriptures shows Abraham looked forward to living in Heaven.

    Scripture shows you die once then comes judgement.

    Scripture shows the GB are false prophets and dimwits.

    Scripture shows you did well R&R.

  • LOLS

    So yesterday my JW husband took me out for lunch which was quite enjoyable , till he started with his JW nonsense again .......

    I was asked if he could pack the kids & I a "TO GO BAG" ...... the only time I've ever heard of a "To Go Bag " is in countries or cities which experience natural disasters .....

    So Obviously I asked WHY!!! #Rolledeyes and I was told that in case we need to move quickly, cause the end is near & I he doesn't want us stuck with out a to go bag ......
    So my next question was ....... Why on earth would I need such a thing when I don't believe in any of this JW nonsense & of course cause I am a "WORLDY" person .... and according to them I'll be blown up to smithereens & I'd much rather be blown to pieces than be a JW ........

    So then he calmly says ..... no I will be saved, as He prays daily for me & cause Jehovah will save those he can see are good people & have the potential to become good JW's , they just need a little more guidance .... By now I'm fuming and people are trying to eve's drop on the conversation ........ So I tell him, his basically contradicting himself cause one minute I'm a worldly person going to die in the big Bang & the next I'm going to be saved cause I'm a good worldly person ........... And then he adds that he just wants me to know that if his Organization gets banned like they have been in Russia etc and they come to jail him and others in the congregation , I mustn't feel that he is choosing his religion & beliefs over his wife & children ,his just standing up for Jehovah ,,,,,,,,,,

    Needless to say that was the end of a lunch that started off so well ........

    So I feel they do just pick and chose whats good for them as they need .......

  • Della Street
    Della Street

    @Half Banana,

    The entire premise of Christianity rests on the belief that JC was resurrected. If not for that, the whole thing crumbles. So....who knows. But a whole lotta people believe it, and hope it to be true. Otherwise they are screwed.

  • zeb

    I saw a posting once a very detailed one where the wt view of Sodom and Gomorrah re resurrection was given.

    If anyone can come up with it, it is very revealing as to their flip flop way of thinking.

    But it was yes they will, no they wont, yes they will, but no they wont etc.

    Go back a few postings Blondie has got it.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    @DellaStreet, screwed they are!

    One of the reasons that the Roman elite disliked Christians was that they were gullible. Roman piety was one of respect for the gods and not a literalist belief in the stories about them.

    Christians or believers in the Christ story hit a new low in credulity by telling people that their hero character had recently been there living among them, living the life of a traditional god-man who was crucified and was brought back to life again. The authorities thought these monotheist christ-cultists were cretins (an appropriate word drawn from the French for christian) because they took the traditional tales to be literally true, how bizarre!

    Funny how after 105 billion human births and deaths that no one person has ever come back to life--and nobody quote the Bible because it is a fairy tale. And........ Dr Frankenstein had a go at resurrection with disastrous results! Yet Mary Shelly, through her tale was able to illuminate powerfully just what humanity means through the fictional "creature". This is how written stories can enrich our minds-- but don't start saying they really happened.

    If a person believes in Adam and Eve, the Flood or resurrection as being true, then you have a barrier to thinking clearly, so please stop and consider why you demean your intelligence to want to believe these fictions.

  • Ding

    In one paragraph the Bible Teach books says that all in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and be resurrected.

    In the next paragraph or so, they say that not everyone will be resurrected.

    I'm surprised they put such an obvious contradiction in their study book.

    Based on the first of those two statements, my question to a JW would be: If an "apostate" JW dies before Armageddon and is buried, will he/she be resurrected or not?

    If they say no, then I'd follow up with, "I guess the WT think Jesus was wrong then. NOT ALL in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and be resurrected."

  • redvip2000
    ".... billions who did not have the opportunity to know Jehovah.''- That could be subjective, no?

    Clearly. Unless they mean that if a JW comes to your door and you don't listen, then you are market for death.

    JW - Hi, we are talking with our neighbors and encouraging them to read the bible

    Home - Oh i already do, and i'm too busy to talk to you.

    JW - Ok then, so you will die a horrible death at Armageddon.

  • Ding


    Sounds like the householders would have been far better off if the JWs had never come to their door...

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