Mar 3/03 Book Study - Intellectual dishonesty, or outright lie?

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    one more new one to me. from the enemy booklet from 1935 . it talks about the end in a few months . i think on pg 21 will some one post that.. thanx john

  • Latte

    Johnny cip,

    enemy booklet

    I have the ENEMIES book. Are there any worthwhile comments in the book itself?? (save me reading it through! [:)]


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    latte: it was the book or booklet from 1935, either it's the enemy book or the universal war book or booklet. i did not take notes or print it. it was on a site that i got off one of the posts here in the last 2 weeks . it said, and this is not an exact quote. " the great cadaclysm is only months away. it did not come out and say it was arnageddom, but it sure sounds like that. i do remember that is was on page 21. so if you got that 1935 book . you can check.. i will look around and if i find it again i will take notes.... john

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