What does it take to live forever?

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  • Francois

    Ah, James Thomas, you are a man after my own heart. How many times on this bulletin board in the last two years have I railed against the deliberate mistranslation of Jesus' words that clearly state that the "kingdom of heaven is within you."?

    And how many times have I suggested that to be a spirit led child of God, as contemplated in Romans, one has to look no further than within one's own self? And how, if these simple truths became known, all organizations would immediately dry up and blow away because it would be obvious that they are not needed, since the relationship between the creator-god and his created children is direct, and requires no organization.

    And the technique of approach to that divine indwelling? The quieting of the left brain, the cessation of the constant inner chatter of the self talking to the self. And in its place, once the din has been tamped down, one can now hear the small, still voice of the Spirit, saying, "this is the way." A spirit that never drives, but only leads. How utterly beautiful to contemplate. How different from the religions of fear that get behind the seeker and attempt to drive him in one preconceived direction or another.

    And when once you have touched that divine lover, life is never the same. To describe that phenomena to someone who had not experienced it no amount of words will suffice; to describe that phenomena to someone who has had the experience, no words are necessary.

    I don't know who you are, James Thomas, but you have found The Way, haven't you?


  • FlowerPower

    You do know that the "new system" has been cancelled as of 1996, don't you? Remember that the (Aug.1, I believe) WT stated that there is a new understanding for the word "generation". It no longer means the people who were of "knowing" age who were alive in 1914. It now refers to any contemporary group of people at any given time! No time frame has been given since then but wait, there will be another time to shoot for soon, the proverbial carrot left dangling before their noses just to keep them coming back.

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    Francois wrote:

    "I don't know who you are, James Thomas, but you have found The Way, haven't you?"

    I can only say Francois, that I have discovered that the only distance between me and what the word God points to, is my thoughts. Of the deeper sense of this I cannot speak. It is a moment by moment journey. A more and more letting go of everything that hides That, which has always been and will always be. A growing trust and realization that to totally let go is to fall into the arms of Truth. For me it's not about seeking anymore, so much as just coming back to the moment and being more present and quiescent. Being more open, more accepting, more willing to die of what can die. Just being. Just being. But not being anything in particular. JamesT

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    Well said! Since the JWs believe in the reality of EVIL, they can't possibly allow the use of techniques that lead to mystical experiences that open one's eyes to the truth. Once one has glimsed the truth about ourselves, it is impossible to go back to old ways of thinking and believing. I could never allow anyone to exert so called "spiritual authority" over me. Especially not a group that has prophesied falsely so many times. The WTBTS will never be able to slake the deep down thirst we all feel. I believe that deep down thirst is our inner self wanting to "come home" to where we belong.

  • butalbee

    What does it take to live forever: immortality.

    Personally, I do not want to live forever, one life is enouugh for me thank youu very much. Although, I do believe in heaven and hell, buuut haven't made my reservation as of yet.

    IMO--hell would be on this earthly paradise, in the new system living forever with all the jw's..

    Edited cuz I can't spell.

  • myself

    IMO--hell would be on this earthly paradise, in the new system living forever with all the jw's..

    ROFLOL @ butal. When I hinted to my mother about leaving my ex, she would try to console me and tell me that in the "new order" things would be perfect and we could live forever. That would make me cry, I'd tell her "that's the problem, I can't stand the thought of putting up with him forever"

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    Abbadon, you're a real Miracle Wheat fan, aren't you? LOL...

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